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Thread: Agenda 21

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    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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    Nice link. I remember posting something about Agenda 21 some time back after reading BAPH and some on here called me a kook. This stuff is real and the proof is out there. At about the 5:50 mark in the video, they start talking about the intentional indoctrination of kids through the school. Just look at the Occupy movement and you can see the results and what we have to look forward to. The only person out there who I think is trying to fight all of this is Ron Paul and he is labeled as a weirdo. Anyone who supports him are blown of as "Paulbots". All of that is to try and discredit what used to be considered normal. I am afraid that when people finally wake up to this it will be too late because those of us who remember what is was like to actually be free will be outnumbered by the indoctrinated ones.

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    Just curious if either of you have read the UN document on Agenda 21. I glanced through it and downloaded all of it to my computer for reading later. So far i can find nothing supporting the outlandish claims of that video.

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    I watch most of the things you guys post and I think that 95% of them are interesting as well as important. But this reaching.

    To blame the poor results of the American educational system on a conspiracy to "dumb them down so they consume less resources" is ignoring the real reason our students are not doing well, which is multifaceted but is (in my opinion) primarily due to a breakdown of disciple in our society among parents, teachers, and as a result students.

    But lately I have been thinking that the downward turn we are experiencing has been manufactured and is being done in order to drastically reduce population. Actually, it's the only thing that really makes sense to me, as I see so many poor decisions being made over and over, and it is pretty obvious to me. So, maybe this is right.

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    Agenda 21 is definitely real. Population control is obvious. Not only abortion in this country and others, but the one child law in China is another one. As far as the schools go, just look at what has happened since the federal government has taken it over. America has gone down consistantly throughout the world since the federal government has gotten involved. It is no secret that radicals have gone into the educational system with the stated intent on indocterinating (sp?) the children. It is also no secret that home schooled children do better educationally than public school kids. Cloward and Piven have written manuscripts on how to do it and it has been done. I know most people like to think this is all just conspiracy theories and I used to think that too. But after reading Behold a Pale Horse, I am convinced. Bill Cooper said that this stuff was going to happen, all before it did. The stuff is written down like a how-to-guide to controlling human behavior. It can not just be coinsidence that the stuff was written down and then start happening.

    He wrote about the whole "future" global warming alarmists back in 1990. He said that people in governments throughout the world would start saying that the globe is warming and use that as an excuse to control the population. Well, look where we are right now. But, like I said, most will blow all of this off until it's too late. I just wish people would actually think for themselves instead of just listening to what Katie Couric or 60 minutes tells you to think. But, hey, at least you read the posts so maybe there is hope after all.

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    Agenda 21 which I have downloaded to my computer is definitely real but that does not mean it even remotely resembles the rantings of that video. I have only had the briefest opportunity to scan the document but hope to read it all this weekend. I prefer to make my own mind up by doing research, not by letting some kooks on a video make outlandish claims or by listening to the regular media pontificate on issues. I will report back with an honestly assessment if any of this is in there.

    Abortion is about women's rights, it has nothing to do with population control. Our population continues to grow exponentially. China, is another matter all together.

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    By all means, please do read it. Keep in mind that it affects the entire world too. Basically, the UN is trumping our Constitution. Our government has already started buying up private land under the guise of "sustainability", they pay farmers not to farm and grant tax dollars to any city that will invest it in public transportation. It is all pretty obvious to me, especially after reading the warnings before any of it happened. But everyone has to make up their own mind and I'm glad you are at least investigating it. Once you're done looking into that, check out Rex 84. They are both interconnected.

    BTW, nice to have you in the conversation. Why did you wait two years to make your first post?

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    I have been involved in fighting Agenda 21 stuff in my community. It is always nicely marketed as "sustainable" planning but really it is a way to take away your property rights like the EPA did to that couple out in Idaho.

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    If you're still not convinced that our public schools are failing and failing on purpose, check out this gem. These are not the idiots who will be running our country one day, but they are the morons who will be voting for the idiots.

    Lunch Scholars - YouTube

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