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Discuss Agenda 21 at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; The people in the video....are they of the opinion that there is no issue with ...
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    The people in the video....are they of the opinion that there is no issue with human overpopulation?

    Do they really believe that climate change is not happening?

    You can debate all you want about human influence on climate which is still only a theory. I don't have a strong opinion either way. But, there is no denying that the climate is changing and will continue to change along the same cycles that the Earth has gone through many, many times. The ice caps are melting, the Earth's deserts are growing, Ocean currents and with them aquatic animal migrations continue to change, and the prime latitudes for growing certain plants are moving toward the poles as temperature and moisture levels continue to change. I think we overestimate the permanence of our place on this planet. The planet will continue to change, as it has for millions of years. If it's unable to support human life, or at least unable to support humans as we've existed in increasing numbers over the last few thousand of years, we'll simply die off until our numbers are either sustainable again, or we're extinct. I also think we underestimate the value of each and every plant and animal on this planet and their value to the eco-system that is the Earth. We are simply one of many living things on this planet. Human's have figured out how to exist in many different climates and in many different ways all over the planet. As the climate changes, we will either adapt or perish, it's as simple as that. Either way, the planet itself will continue to exist and continue to change. Adapt or perish, it's been that way since life began.

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    Quote Originally Posted by therick View Post
    The people in the video....are they of the opinion that there is no issue with human overpopulation?

    Do they really believe that climate change is not happening?
    The people in the video aren't necessarily saying that there is no issue with overpopulation. They are saying that the governments of the world want to "control" the population. The easiest way to do this is to limit the number of people and where they are allowed to go. It also consists of always keeping an eye on them (drones for example). The way they would like to control the population is by ridding the world of what they think are useless humans. That's exactly what that article about post-birth abortions is about. They only want people who can work and provide tangibles for the government. If a baby is born with down syndrome (like in the link I provided) they want to legalize killing the baby. China has a one child policy already. This encourages Chinese parents to just do away with a child who may not be what the government thinks as a future productive citizen. Why do you think Obama is trying so hard to make contraception, abortion and sterilization free to the public? Why do you think he will give away any money to a city that is trying to create a mass transit system? Why do you think they want to put GPS in all vehicles? This is not a coincidence. It is clearly stated in Agenda 21.

    I think you made a great argument for climate change. It is changing. But it has always done that. Humans weren't around to melt the ice in the Ice Age. Personally, I think being able to grow crops in more places can do nothing but help civilization. The people in the video weren't saying it isn't happening, they were saying that so-called scientists are not reporting correct facts. But that has been coming out all over the world lately. Even NASA is questioning reports now.

    Here is the UN link to Agenda 21 for anyone interested. I would hope that means everyone, especially those with children or grandchildren.

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