This is a direct quote from Jesse Ventura's book '63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read''-
'' The curious thing is , a Civil Distuurbance plan called Garden Plot was in place for more than 10 years before 9/11 . See if you think this is a blueprint for the military taking over during any protest or ''unrest'' that might seem to be getting out of hand. In case you still think the Patriot Act couldn't be applied to us.
Turning the military loose in our country to take care of things : Isn't this what the National Guard is for ,and doesn't that fall under the jurisdiction of the states and their Governors ? It seems that the feds should NOT be coming in unless they're asked . Which maybe they'd have to be now , because the National Guard is off fighting in Foreign Countries. It's all ass-backwards. We've got the guard in Iraq and they're trying to turn the regular Military loose on our own citizens. Again we owe the role reversal to George W. Bush .
Ventura then cites a downloaded Government Document (courtesy of FOIA ) which shows , in detail , the Garden Plot plan for Civil Disturances as well as EMERGENCY detention camps and Civilian Inmate Labor camps which ICE-Immigration and Customs Enforcement-these camps have been in place since 2003 . Pgs. 125-127 with websites listed .