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Discuss 4th Ammendment demonstration-thoughts ? at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by pm01 Hi Quinn, I'm sorry I should have been more specific. Are ...
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    Default Re: 4th Ammendment demonstration-thoughts ?

    Quote Originally Posted by pm01 View Post
    Hi Quinn, I'm sorry I should have been more specific. Are you talking about Loughner? If not could you pls tell me? I was referring to this:

    Tucson SWAT Team Defends Shooting Iraq Marine Veteran 60 Times - ABC News
    Wow sounds like they wer over zealous!! No sot fired and they shoot 71 rounds and hit him 60 times.

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    Default Re: 4th Ammendment demonstration-thoughts ?

    Try this for OVER KILL--

    On November 6, 2001 at 11:40 P.M., Apache County Sheriff's deputies attempted to serve an arrest warrant at Cooper's residence. Cooper was considered armed and dangerous. During the execution of this warrant, Cooper shot and struck a sheriff's deputy and was fatally shot by deputies. According to police accounts, members of the Apache County Sheriff's Office deployed several deputies in the area adjacent to Cooper's home in an attempt to draw him from his residence to serve an arrest warrant. After leaving his residence in his vehicle, Cooper confronted plainclothes deputies a short distance away. As Cooper drove back to his residence, sheriff's deputies attempted to stop him using a fully marked patrol vehicle to block the roadway. When the deputies identified themselves, Cooper refused to stop or comply with orders from deputies, then fled back toward his house, drew a handgun, and began shooting. The Sheriff Report claims "After refusing once again to comply with the deputies orders, Cooper exited his vehicle and began running toward the house, firing shots with a handgun toward the deputies", but nowhere in the report did it mention that Cooper only had one leg - the other lost in combat long ago. One deputy, Robert Martinez, was shot in the head and was hospitalized in critical condition.[20] Another deputy returned fire, killing Cooper.[21]
    Following the shooting, the scene was secured by officers from the Eagar police department and Apache county sheriff's deputies. The Arizona department of public safety's special investigations unit is conducting an investigation into the shooting. DPS special operations were called to the scene to clear the residence of any potential hazards that may exist.[21]

    Wm. cooper wrote ''Behold A Pale Horse' and was considered the most dangerous radio Host in america- Look him up -his works as well.
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    Default Re: 4th Ammendment demonstration-thoughts ?

    I remember Behold a Pale Horse, but don't see the overkill in the Cooper case. Could you pls point out where you see it?

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