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Thread: Jesse Jackson on O'reilly Factor right now!

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    As for value-based talk show politics , I wil submit to you that the majority of political talk show viewship today is based on value. I don't think that anyone is tuning in with the mindset that he wants to waste his time instead of making it count for something. Successful viewers know that their decisions MUST be grounded in good political principles. Those who don't follow those principles will waste their time. The loss of that time will drive them away from these shows or drive them to follow the proper principles, which will eliminate the problem. The Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld fiasco was a case of people not following sound political principles. Particular consequences ensued and those people are a bit more aware of their actions with respect to listening to and believing that nonsense.

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    Sounds like you're making an argument of caveat emptor. Yet, you point out the serious consequences of such--that we were arguably mislead into war, with media being complacent fellows, even agents of misinformation.

    Consider that the media channels are not unlimited, that the operators operate by license and therefore owe some duty to the public (the extent being debatable), and that a handful of corporations control most of the media most of us are subject to in any given day. Consider, also, the enormous power of media, including its power to influence, even manipulate public opinion.

    Ever heard of yellow journalism?

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    Both of my posts were plays on some of Skipsters replies to the sub prime mess.
    Yes I believe that the entire media spectrum should be viewed with caution. We bemoan the rapid loss of the world?s rain forests but hardly a whimper is heard about the loss of independent objective journalism. We as a society are greatly influenced by a media that is now controlled by just a few key players. Their holding cross national borders and media types and they are accountable to no one. Whereas their duty in the past was to report the news in an unbiased manner now every page and show is an editorial page that is being passed off as real news.
    The sad part is that it is only getting worse with every new acquisition and that their legions of faithful followers and faithful grow by leaps and bounds.

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    "You're not just going to the extreme either way no matter what the issue is."

    That's actually not such a bad idea. Extreme solutions such as universal health care, illegal immigrant amnesty, the banning of guns, and abortion on demand should be dismissed out of hand. I like your way of thinking.

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    Extreme solutions are not the way to go. Extreme solutions are what caused the Holocaust, genocide in Rwanda, going to Iraq for no reason, and any other dumb extreme solution.
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    Of course my thoughts seem like spin to you. Spin is what you call someone's thoughts when you don't agree, in order to denegrate what they are saying. - bonnie

    Spin is what I call someone's comments that attempt to read too much between the lines and shade all of O'Reilly's comments and actions to make him out to be someone he may or may not be. You try to make O'Reilly an asp even in what was undeniably an excellent conversation/discussion with Jackson. I don't like Jackson - did you see me try to "spin" him?

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