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Thread: Valerie Plame Wilson was NOT FAIR GAME

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    Default Valerie Plame Wilson was NOT FAIR GAME

    Just finished Valerie (Plame) Wilson's book, Fair Game.

    I found all the more reason to be enraged with the no holds barred politics of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, et al.

    The CIA spent an enormous sum of money to develop her as a covert and non-embassy operative (meaning she didn't have diplomatic cover if caught).

    Due to Dick Cheney's desire to have the administration's reason for attacking Iraq remain accepted, he couldn't countenance Dick Wilson's insistance that Iraq couldn't have obtained "yellow cake uranium" from Niger. And since the sitting Vice President could find no fault with Wilson's message, he called out the attack dogs to go after the "messenger" (and his wife, Valerie) instead.

    It's irresponsible to out CIA operatives.
    It's wasteful to out CIA operatives.
    It's potentially damaging to out CIA operatives
    It's potentially DANGEROUS to out CIA operatives.

    For the reasons above, it's a matter of law that:

    It's CRIMINAL to out CIA operatives.

    Karl Rove said "Valerie Plame is fair game".
    I ask, in what universe?

    It was about justifying war in any politically expedient fashion, without regard to LAW or cost.

    History will DAMN this administration, as well it should. It's important that the deeds of the Bush administrators be finely detailed (and constantly at that). Full and open disclosures must be sought as some people and organizations have not yet been called to account.

    Records, once fuller, must remain straight and unadulterated by historic revisionists.

    A worthwhile crusade, I'm thinking.
    DSCH: a Soviet artist's reply to unjust criticism.

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    Default Re: Valerie Plame Wilson was NOT FAIR GAME

    Well, at least this administration can keep a, maybe not!

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