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Thread: FBI shuts down on-line poker sites

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    Default FBI shuts down on-line poker sites

    Poker Stars and Full-Tilt are such horrible criminal enterprises that the FBI thought it wise to shut them down on Friday.

    We have all of these Wall Street criminals, not only skating, but being rewarded, while these two sites (there was a third whose name I don't remember) are doing absolutely nothing that should be considered wrong in my opinion.

    What is the motive? To protect the public? If that was the motive, then state lotteries would be illegal.

    No, the motive behind this is money. Who is getting it, and who isn't, but is planning to.

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    Default Re: FBI shuts down on-line poker sites

    Did anyone notice that the first comment on the first article posted was by Hacksaw Jim Duggan? I didn't see his 2x4, but that's him.

    And this sort of thing doesn't suprise me. Politicians like Charlie Rangle don't have to pay taxes, but online gaming is somehow doing something wrong. I believe our government is meddling waaaay to much.

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    Default Re: FBI shuts down on-line poker sites

    I haven't linked into all of the articles, but I'm pro online gambling. In addition, I'm pro prostitution, pro-marijuana, and anti-government (for the most part). Politicians like Charlie Rangel don't want to see money go to on-line gambling, unhealthy foods, or mortgage interest. In addition, they don't want to see anyone making over $300K keep more than 60% of their money.

    Also, I like how they define tax collections as "revenues". It's not a revenue to me, it's a "cost".

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    Default Re: FBI shuts down on-line poker sites

    Obama also referenced tax increases to "a decrease in revenue spending in the tax code" during his last speech. I guess he doesn't want people to figure out that all he means is the tax deductions you used to get (revenue spending in the tax code) are going to be cut. I also agree with you about the prostitution, weed and gambling. I'd even legalize those magic mushrooms.

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