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Discuss Finally Some Good News Out of China at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; It's not just the quaity issues. The era of cheap Chinese goods may be ...
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    Default Finally Some Good News Out of China

    It's not just the quaity issues.

    The era of cheap Chinese goods may be ending
    Workers' demands for better wages are trimming profit margins

    "SHANGHAI ? Factory workers demanding better wages and working conditions are hastening the eventual end of an era of cheap costs that helped make southern coastal China the world's factory floor."

    "Many companies are striving to stay profitable by shifting factories to cheaper areas farther inland or to other developing countries, and a few are even resuming production in the West."

    "In an about-face mocked on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," Wham-O, the company that created the Hula-Hoop and Slip 'n Slide, decided to bring half of its Frisbee production and some production of its other products back to the U.S."

    "Life sciences companies have shifted some production back to the U.S. from China. In some cases, the U.S. was becoming cheaper," said Sean Correll, director of consulting services for Burlington, Mass.-based Emptoris."
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    This trend is inevitable but China's greatest natural resource still remains its people so I don't expect to see much change in the next ten years +.
    But the changes China has experienced over the last twenty-five to thirty years have been profound and overwhelmingly positive.

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