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Discuss Cael's religion hurts him in recruiting and coaching at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by zzyzx "Hatred"? Nope, I have lived in Utah and Idaho for years. ...
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    Default Re: Cael's religion hurts him in recruiting and coaching

    Quote Originally Posted by zzyzx View Post
    "Hatred"? Nope, I have lived in Utah and Idaho for years. Have been on an LDS Mission and held a number of positions from teaching to leadership.
    Reality is simple. The teachings of The Prophets(Brigham and later mainly - Joseph Smith did not say much about blacks and even ordained some to The Priesthood) is simple. They taught it and they speak for God... if you believe that they are really Prophets, Seers and Revelators.

    Cael and brothers were raised in a heavily LDS environment in Utah where few blacks live. Racism is part and parcel to the State and culture. I know they chose Iowa State, at least the younger brothers did in following Cole there. Might have been a scholarship deal but I think it was because Bobby Douglas was/is one hell of a coach and they felt he would help them succeed.

    I think the culture/religion hurts Cael and most LDS in relation to any "minority" group. How can it not? The Book of Mormon and other LDS Scriptures teach very plainly that a black/dark skin is a sign of "loathsome" people. You can't get around that. Couple it with the belief that joining the LDS Church can work in turning the skin color "White and Delightsome"(at least for Indians - Lamanites in LDS teachings where the Indians are descended from Jewish migrants to the Americas) and you have a built in prejudice. It takes a lot to get past that if one has grown up in the envornment and teachings.

    I was lucky. A military family and only later due to job transfers to Utah. I grew up with all colors and creeds and it was just fine. In moving to Utah I watched as a black friend had kids in the grocery store comu up to him and touch his skin and look at their fingers to see what happened! He said 'I get used to it'. I would have yelled at the kids parents for the insult.

    There is no way I would send a kid to wrestle at a LDS college or for a coaching staff mainly composed of LDS. Too much hypocricy there and too much baggage.
    I don't hate Mormons but I sure don't trust "Utah Mormons" at all. Do business with the LDS Church and see how fast that sinks in. Go and hang around BYU and see how things really are at a "University" where the Religion Dept teaches the Sciences are apostate unbelievers because they teach Evolution and the Science departments laugh at the religious fools. BYU scores very low on academic freedom and the repressive atmosphere is one reason.

    The leaders have taught "Truth" and no recent statements can change that. So, those who don't like it, please show me the Revelation that gave the blacks the Priesthood. It is not in LDS canon, just announced as BYU was having problems scheduling basketball and football. It is money driven, nothing more.
    Ha, I knew it, you are an Ex-mormon. There is a bit of a cottage industry of those who were once part of that faith to trash it when they leave. This is just a continuation of a theme I have seen many times on discussion boards.
    I am 49, bald, ugly, and don't own a single cool thing. Kids like me though.

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    Default Re: Cael's religion hurts him in recruiting and coaching

    Quote Originally Posted by Champ Kind View Post
    So all your hatred towards Sanderson is based on what you think he believes and you have no proof what-so-ever that he is racist. Awesome!
    Sounds like that, doesn't it. This thread is ridiculous.

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    Default Re: Cael's religion hurts him in recruiting and coaching

    This thread is also closed.

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