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Arm -Spin ,
Have you had one of your special needs students attack you yet ? Or try to commit an act of violence against another student yet ?-Anything from Bullying to Rape ?
Down here in the States most schools have a zero policy in place and if you call ADMIN in the kid will be expelled and probably doomed for life - some fricking genius in congress decided a zero tolerance guideline would keep every one in line -someone forgot to tell him a lot of these kids have NO self control and are mentally ill. Case in point-a 4.0+ student pulled out a swiss army knife and adjusted her teacher's chair for him -the teacher promptly reported her for having a weapon and this brilliant young student nearly lost being class Valedictorian and nearly went to jail-she also nearly lost her scholarship . Point being Zero Tolerance does not work .PERIOD . Had she been one of my former students she would have went to jail or DCS-sounds like your kids would have been in the same boat .
I wish I had some answers , I really do, but the system has been eroding for so long that no cornerstone exists -what is the goal of a high school ? To graduate kids or educate them ? Why bother setting up a special needs program which recognizes the fact these certain students are different then treat them the same ? I understand the difference between a sharpened screw driver and a Swiss Army knife -the law does NOT see any difference , however ,albeit both may be used as weapons -whom would you rather have the Swiss Army Knife or the sharpened screw driver ?
This is but one facet of a 1,000 changes which need to be made . Yet NOTHING will be done .
People point to the Japanese model-the MOST efficient model on the planet yet do not realize the role the Japaneses mother plays in the educational system . Japanese students average 5 hours homework a night and the mother is expected to be the preeminent tutor -this cannot happen in America as most families have both parents working -K-12 are the important grades over there as college is party time if affordable -our system is ass backwards .
The problems go on for ever and as I stated -I have NO answers .

Russ, I used to work at a treatment center for really high-risk youth. The students were often physically agressive to us and to other kids that['s why they were in the program in the first placee. Part of the program allows staff to use physical restraints and locking rooms when necessary. I've been attacked a few times, luckily never injured. I know there have been investagations after restraints gone bad but I have never been involved in one myself.

My current job is in a public school, also behavior students though younger ones, and they bully each other a lot and sometimes start shoving- that's the worst we have seen. It's not a "hands on" program, so we don't restrain kids; we have classroom consequences for smaller issues (losing gym class or recess time) and administration will suspend students for more severe infractions.

I agree that zero tolerance as you describe it is rediculous. The unwillingness of Canada's justice system to penalize young offenders is also ridiculous. there are no easy answers.