60 kg:?Some very interesting match ups occurring right away.?At the top we have both Bronze medalists from last year, Bazar Bazarguruev of Krgyzstan and Sahit Prizreni of Albania in an opening bout.? Bazarguruev had a good match with Batirov last year, as well as wins over Fedorishin of the Ukraine and Odabasi of Turkey.? Prizreni had an equally impressive run in Baku last year with wins over Mike Zadick of the USA and veteran Mourad Ramazanov of Macedonia before losing in the semi finals to Anatoli Guidea of Bulgaria.? He had a great match against He Qin of China for the Bronze medal which showcased his balance and uncanny flexibility.? Bazarguruev has a great high crotch and explosive finishes.? Prizreni has a great duck under and amazing counter attacks.? It can turn out to be a conservative bout, but if both wrestlers go after it, and that’s a big if, we can expect to see a great bout with some real good flurries.?2006 World Silver medalist Mike Zadick, a last minute entrant, draws 3X European Champion Vasyl Fedorishin first round.? Fedorishin’s best performance was 4th place at the 2004 Olympics.? Fedorishin has a very conservative style, Zadick likes to get after it.? If Zadick puts the pressure on and is careful not getting countered for exposure, he’ll win this bout.?In my opinion these four matches are toss up and whoever wins the Quarter Final bout will make the finals.?I do think we can look forward to a Prizreni/Zadick rematch in the Quarter Finals.? Match from last year's Worlds:? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4KD3QZLduE?Next, I’m taking India’s Dutt over Kazakhstan’s Orazgaliev.? Dutt had a great performance at the 2006 Worlds.? Dutt won the Asian Championships in March while Orazgaliev placed 7th.? ?Moving down to the bottom half of the bracket we see 2006 World Champion Seyed Mohammadi of Iran.? He was upset in last year’s World Championships by Ramazanov.? I see him advancing to the Semi Finals.?Veteran Mourad Ramazanov will be taking on Turkey’s Tevfik Odabasi.? Ramazanov was the European Champion for Russia back in 2000 but has been competing for Macedonia since 2005.? Ramazanov is very strong with excellent throws and trips.? He tends to get tired late in the match though.? Odabasi won the European championships in 2004 and was 2nd in 2006.? He is has solid leg attacks and an excellent gut wrench.? He’s also a good scrambler.? Look for Odabasi to come out on top here.? ?Cuba’s defending Olympic Champion will be taking on last year’s 5th place finisher He Qin of China.? Qin is big for the weight with some decent leg attacks but will not be problem for the Cuban.?Then in a highly anticipated bout, Quintana will face 2006 World Champion Mavlet Batirov of Russia.? Batirov is one of the most technical wrestlers in the World.? Quintana is one of the most explosive.? It would be in Batirov’s best interest to slow down Quintana and attack him in the zone or hope to win a coin toss.? Otherwise I don’t see him beating Quintana.? Watch for Quintana to turn it up for this tournament.? ??Semi Final:? ?Sahit Prizreni, Albania v. Yogeshwar Dutt, IndiaSeyed Mohammadi, Iran v. Yandro Quintana, Cuba?Finals:? Prizreni v. Quintana?Gold Medalist:? Yandro Quintana, Cuba????