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Discuss Gas Prices at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by RYou Tis true, the only state in the union supporting gas station ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RYou View Post
    Tis true, the only state in the union supporting gas station employment.

    It keeps the price down too. Well, at least that what they tell us from the democratic governors mansion. You see, insurance rates would go up because of all of the fires us unintelligent folk would create and therefore the owners would have to charge more per gallon.

    How many gas stations did you burn down this year? Every time I see clouds rolling in from the north, south and west I just figure someone in PA or DE or NY lit up another gas station. Now tell me, that isn't so?
    Nope, Oregon (from what my Portland friends and relatives tell me) has the same rules.

    Maybe it does keep prices down, because your price was cheaper than the New York and the Pennsylvania folks. I would LOVE if Illinois passed that law. I hate pumping gas in the dead of winter.

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    My daughter is going to school just outside Portland - when we went up there I got in trouble a couple of times for trying to pump my own gas. Damn fool Californian. When I talked to one of the guys working the pump he told me that he had worked for the logging mills all of his life, that the law had been passed to improve employment, and that he had been out of work for 8 months when he got the job at the gas station. I don't know if gas was any cheaper, but it is hard to argue with a guy trying to feed his family.

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    I had heard Oregon had turned and allowed self service. Guess I heard wrong.

    The reason NJ has a lower price than CT, NY and PA - NJ doesn't load the price with as much tax.

    Connecticut 25 26 Plus 5% gross earnings tax collected at wholesale.

    New Jersey 14.5 17.5 Includes 10.5-cpg excise tax plus 4 cpg Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax

    New York 31.9 28.9 Includes 8 cents per gallon excise tax, Petroleum Business Tax of 15.2 cents per gallon for gasoline and 13.45 cents per gallon for diesel (rate increased .6 cpg 1/1/05). Statewide volume weighted average sales tax increased 6/1/04 to 8.3 for per gallon for gasoline and 7.1 cents per gallon for diesel. Also a spill tax of 0.3 cent per gallon is collected on gasoline and diesel and a petroleum testing fee of 0.05 cent per gallon is levied on gasoline. Does not include an estimated 7.9 cents per gallon for gasoline and 6.7 cents per gallon for diesel from weighted county average sales taxes that range from 3.25% to 4.75%.

    Pennsylvania 31.1 35.1 Plus 1.1 cpg fee on gasoline going into USTs (rate increased 1/1/04 from 1 cpg to 1.1 cpg). Includes 18 cent per gallon oil company franchise tax on liquid fuels (primarily gasoline) and 23 cents per gallon oil company franchise tax on fuels (primarily diesel) and a 12 cents per gallon tax liquid fuels tax rate. (Oil company franchise tax rate increased from 14.2 cents per gallon to 18 cents per gallon for gasoline and from 19.2 cents per gallon to 23 cents per gallon for diesel on 1/1/05.) Franchise tax based on the average wholesale price of gasoline during a 1-year period. For 2004 the average price was $1.17, up from 91.9 in 2003.

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