7th Annual NCAA Football Pick’ems - 2013

3 titles up for grabs this year – don’t know what the prizes will be just yet but there will be something for our 3 champs

Season Champ – Most points amassed through the Army Navy Game (regular season)

Bowl Game Champ – Challenge No. 2 - Most points amassed for the Bowl Game competition

National Champion – Total Season + Bowl + National title bonus points

There will be some twists in the contest picks later in the season to maintain the interest of some that start to fall behind by creating opportunity for additional bonus points.

Week 1 – all picks must be in 6:00 PM EST August 29. Copy the games and other picks below and paste them into REPLY to this post, then make your picks. - don't miss the national title picks for bonus points at the end of this note.

1. You may change you picks up until the deadline for submission, but you must "QUOTE" forward your old picks and make your new picks in a new note below the quoted picks. Failure to do so may DQ all of your picks for the week.

2. If you submit your picks after the stated deadline, no pints will be awarded for game that have "kicked off before receipt of your picks. Pay attention as there will be some mid week games requiring picks prior to the traditional Saturday kickoff.

Pick one team in each game to win – ignore the point spread, team that wins - wins here

1 point games

Utah State vs Utah
Mississippi vs Vanderbilt
Texas Tech vs Southern Methodist
Kentucky vs Western Kentucky
Penn State vs Syracuse
Boise State vs Washington
LSU vs Texas Christian
Colorado vs Colorado State
Northwestern vs California
Georgia vs Clemson - 5 point bonus game

Pick One team in one of the games below to pull off an upset
– 5 bonus points - first team named is the underdog

UNLV over Minnesota
Purdue over Cincinnati
Mississippi State over Oklahoma State

National Title Bonus Points
Pick one for each of the following for 10 bonus points (these bonus points only apply to your end of year National Champion point total)

Picks must be in by Aug. 29 ! Miss the deadline

BCS National Champion _______
BCS Title Game Loser ______
Heisman Trophy Winner _______

Official Disclaimer: My game, my rule interpretations apply, even if not mentioned here. Sponsor is not responsible for self inflicted wounds, spousal abuse, myocardial infarction, loss of employment or any other unfavorable outcome arising from participation in these contests. By participating in these contests, player (that means you) agrees to hold harmless and save from liability including all financial loss, medical and property loss expenses, fees of any kind, the sponsor (me). Said player (you) agrees to indemnify (me) for any and all financial costs incurred by you, associated with your participation in this contest.