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    I have a guy at work who loves to throw out common sayings or words but doesn't really know what they mean. I never correct him because it's just too hilarious. So I will list his last three. Please add to the list if you know of anyone who uses words/phrases in the wrong way.

    1. I stepped on the shipping dock scale to weigh myself because that's what wrestlers do when they see a scale. Ernest was off to the side and asked how much I weighed. I told him. He then said, "I didn't know they could stack shit that high."

    2. Ernest and another guy were talking about a dunk they saw in a bb game the night before. It was a spectacular dunk. To end the conversation, Ernest said "And he's only 6'3" soaking wet!"

    3. This morning Ernest sat down next to me with alcohol on his breath and blood shot eyes. He said he was out until 3am. I asked why he would do that on a work night. He said "You can do shit like that when you're an entrepeneur like me." I asked if he was starting a business. He said, "No. I mean I live alone."

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    Years ago a few friends and I were sitting around having a beer and shooting the bull when we started taking about tax refunds, one guy speaks up and says "I wonder how much I'm gonna get?", the answer was, Dude you don't have a job.......
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