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Thread: 31 Dead at VT

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    Quote Originally Posted by ISU2008 View Post
    GnH is right on. I flipped to ESPN, guess what was on. It was sickening when they covered Cory Lidle's plane crash for hours before his wife even found out. But he was an athlete. This is different. I really don't care what happened with the Va Tech football team as long as everyone was ok. Anyone who turns in to ESPN to find out sports news about something like this, I don't know what to say.
    I agree with you guys to a point... I don't like when sports reporters try to make any connection possible to the tragedy. But putting a crawl at the bottom of the page saying what happened, or posting the AP story on ESPN, is not wrong. There are people who don't check, or they turn straight to Sportscenter for their news. I'm not saying it's right, but they exist, and I know a few.

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    I agree with you on the ticker thing, that should be about it.

    I nearly posted my take on it (and being in the media, i agree with Grips standpoint) on and felt it wasn't worth the argument.

    Ticker yes, VT football reaction. No. Now, unfortunately, the issue is that if a football player was among the victims, it becomes sports news.

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    I should have made my position clearer. I don't think they need to leave it as a ticker. If ESPN covers it as a news story, has the desk anchors reporting on the actual events, that is totally fine with me. I just don't think that, outside of saying everyone was ok, it is needed to discuss the VT football team in depth.

    That being said, I feel for everyone at VT and I could not imagine what I would feel should something like that happen here. Two weeks ago, a student accidentally drowned and it kinda hit me. But something on the scale of what happened at VT, it's just beyond me.
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    It just needs to be universal; not about sports. That's why in my original post I said that a site/publication could advertise/promote/post a message to donate or console the cause. Thats it (a ticker is acceptable too. UNIVERSALY, people need to know this. It is universal news.) If ESPN posts that, its an alturistic gesture toward the cause. The way VT's head football coach reacts is a self serving, strategic attempt at marketing a devastating massacre's shock value. Just to drive traffic to a publication. Heartless.

    Show some class and compassion. Childless mother and fathers are watching .
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    One of the confirmed victims. He was a Holocaust survivor, and was killed holding the door to his classroom shut so his students could all jump out a window.

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    As follow up reading, puts more information out there for you.

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    Just found out that a local family was affected - a student from Bellefonte was one of the victims. He was a Penn State grad who was in graduate school at VT. His parents were in Boston to watch his sister compete in the Boston marathon when the shootings occurred.

    I agree with Dennis Prager - the media needs to quit calling the shooter a "gunman"....he's a vicious cold-blooded murderer...and allow people time to be outraged and mourn before prattling on endlessly about "healing".,_im_healing

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    This all reminds me of the incident at the University of Iowa in the early 90's when Gang Lu shot and killed several students and faculty. I was on campus that day it still give me the creeps.

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    I can't stand how the media is jumping in to immediatly find out "who's responsible, and how it could be avoided". I watched the president and police officers get the third degree about their decision making process. Come on, have any of you ever been in the position to be responsible for 40, 000 people (students, faculty, and employees) and well as a huge campus.
    Let these people mourn, and find out all the details of what happened before making these guys the next media witch hunt victim like Imus.

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