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Discuss Attention: therick, lkwdsteve, kennyshirtah at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; What has happened to the beloved Buckeyes? As much as I could care less for ...
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    What has happened to the beloved Buckeyes? As much as I could care less for Ron Niekamp and the "Oiler" basketball program, it is embarrassing for THE Ohio State to get beat by THE University of Findlay!

    After losing top starters, OSU loses to Division II school

    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Marcus Parker scored 18 points to lead Findlay to a 70-68 victory over Ohio State on Tuesday night, the second time in a week a Division II school beat a Big Ten team in an exhibition game.

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    Just as bad as Kentucky losing to Gardner Webb. Betcha ya don't hear as much flak about OSU as you did hear about App State over UM.

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    Ryou, there's a big difference between being ranked in the top 5, expected to challange for the national title, and losing to App St. and being unranked and expected to suck (like the bucks in basketball this year) and losing to Findlay.

    There also seems to be some sort of double standard for basketball and football. We see these kids of upsets much more often in basketball, so it isn't as shocking to most.

    It's still a big deal around here though. Give credit to Findlay for coming in and taking out the buckeyes. Even with losing the talent the buckeyes did from a year ago, they should have more talent than any DII team.

    I'll be waiting for December 15th when the wrestling team gets a chance to even the score in Athens.

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