Things may seem to be about as bad as they can be for the Cincinnati Bengals, with a 2-6 record this season... and, with recent losses, the team now has a less than .500 record under coach Marvin Lewis.

Now, two recent stories of bad behavior on the part of two Bengals at the same entertainment complex, Newport on the Levee (across the Ohio River from Paul Brown Stadium and downtown Cincinnati, in northern Kentucky).

> Chad Johnson: Last winter, Ocho Cinco was in a generous mood at the Funny Bone comedy club at Newport on the Levee. Over the course of many evenings, he initiated various prize drawings, including free Bengals tickets, all-expenses-paid trips to the NFL Pro Bowl and to Europe, and even a Lexus GS sedan.

Well, apparently Chad reneged on awarding many of the prizes, including the Lexus. In front of a stunned crowd who had purchased $100-a-chance tickets to try to win the car, Chad said something like "I've changed my mind and decided no one deserves the car more than my girlfriend."

The stiffed fans have filed a civil suit against Chad, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the comedy club. I'm no lawyer (and I don't play one on TV), but sure sounds like a case of fraud to me.

> Chris Henry: This guy has spent more time in the back of police cars and in court rooms than on the playing field. Now, after being reinstated after an 8-game NFL-imposed suspension, last night he got into an altercation with a valet parking attendant at Newport on the Levee. A police report was filed, but, as of yet, no charges... but management at the Levee has banned him for five years.

And you thought the Bengals' problems were limited to things like defense.