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Being serious here . They labeled me as PPP since I wasn't supposed to b locked up and felt if they wanna F with me i'll F back --So this one CO kept saying I don't care about you or any other convict-all I can guarantee is I'm going home in 4 hours-so I'd hit the first inmate I saw in the mouth just to force a lock down
LOL - one of the "threats" that I don't get hit with much is guys creating code situations just before shift change - which means that staff has to deal with the situation and then hang around to write the reports. First of all, most of the guys recognize that I don't screw with them. I take care of my responsibilities - and I expect them to do the same. At the same time they also know that if they create the right situation I will, absolutely and without hesitation, FKKK them up to the max.
It really comes down to mutual respect. I treat them as humans - until they act like an animal. When it comes to animal behavior, I figure I am the big dog that is going to have to be dealt with.