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Thread: Gun safety and someone's personal disaster

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    O.K. - fair warning. I am going to rant. In fact, I will likely rant and rave and rage. The first rule in handling firearms is that a gun is ALWAYS loaded. The second rule is NEVER point a gun at something that you would not want shot. These two rules (along with a dozen or so others) were pounded by my father into my head at 8 - I had to have them as second nature before he was willing to take me out shooting. They have been reinforced by various shooting instructors over the years - and have never been redundent or superfluous. They were the first two rules I taught my girlfriend (later my wife) and my children (and a few dozen other kids along the way). It's really pretty simple. "Unloaded" guns kill people all the time. A bullet will go where the gun is pointed, so don't point it somewhere you would be unhappy having a bullet go.
    So, given those two, basic, universal rules - try to explain this without using the terms "irresponsible a$$hole"; "stupidly careless jacka$$", and "criminally negligent pi$$ant".
    I firmly believe this father loved his son. If you are a shooter, guns are important to you and you take your kids with you when you are dealing with them. That is part of the bonding process. I also believe that he crawled up into his pick-up truck with an "unloaded gun" (refer to rule number one) and his finger on the trigger (rule number 3, or 4, or 5 - but somewhere up near the top of the list - you don't put your finger inside the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot) and pointed the muzzle at his son's chest (rule #2). When you violate that many rules it is a matter of really good luck when somebody DOESN'T die. Somehow the gun went off. BULLSH!T! The gun went off because he pulled the trigger. Intentional or not - it would not have happened if he hadn't violated so many basic rules of gun handling.
    You can be sure the "ban gun" folks will grab this story and run with it. It is a classic example of why guns should not be allowed in the hands of anyone but "experts" - read, the police. Handguns especially are evil - the tools of the devil. Ignore that fact that this tragic death is 100% the responsibility of a man who broke the basic rules of handling weapons. HE killed his son, not the gun. By his irresponsibility he has made it that much harder for all of the rest of us who own and use weapons properly.
    I grieve for the child. In fact, I grieve for the father. But I also hope the demons give him no rest for the life he carelessly took and the problems he has created for the rest of us.

    Police: Boy, 7, shot to death at Pa. gun store - Yahoo! News

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    Agree completely , the only dangerous gun to me is an unloaded one as I know how to use one and more importantly the will to use one . Hell , we used to break our shotguns down when climbing over a fence when my brothers and I were out hunting . I've been around ALL types of firearms since I was 5 and have never had a gun ''go off'' on it's own . Trigger pressure differs greatly within weapons and a hair trigger and an idiot leads to the above tragedy.
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    Exactly! Older weapons could go off by things like dropping it or hitting the hammer just right or other freak things. Modern guns go off when the safeties are off and the trigger is pulled. That's it. Guns go off when the triggers are pulled. Nothing else - unless you want to try and convince me of ghosts. When I carry (very, very infrequently, since I don't have a license) it is safety on, round in the chamber, hammer back. For me, that is as safe as an "unloaded" gun - because I am NOT going to put my finger inside the trigger guard unless I intend to shoot, I am NOT going to release the safety unless I intend to shoot, and I am NOT going to point the weapon at someone unless I think that particular SOB needs to die.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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