So we all say that we are interested in THE TRUTH. But sometimes you have to go the extra mile to get it. Sometimes along that extra mile, the truth is not only BURIED but is intentionally hidden, altered or replaced with half-truths & worse yet LIES.

As a member of a religious minority for over 20 years, the believer in a political minority ideology for over 30 years & the supporter of alternative health treatments for nearly the same time period, I have seen how the media distort data to suit their own ends or perhaps to a more sinister unknown agenda.

In that light I post a film about a man whom I feel has been WRONGED by the media, the late Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno. And when you examine the facts as I have & watch this short film you will understand why.

People need to understand that for many years DUE PROCESS has been under attack & the jury of PUBLIC OPINION (so easily swayed) has become a sort of de facto legal system in this country (& maybe even else where).

The crime of child molesting is not being ignored, by myself, as I grew up with family members who were on the front lines fighting that in the state of Pennsylvania. However when a person who has given so much to a community OUTSIDE of athletics, is attacked & denigrated, then the other crimes of personal assassination have to be revealed.

Please watch & SHARE...and realize that for the most part, the media is not your friend. Ever.