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Discuss Under 6 soccer at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; So t ball has ended and my next volunteer work is my sons under 6 ...
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    Default Under 6 soccer

    So t ball has ended and my next volunteer work is my sons under 6 soccer games. Today I pulled him out of the game and he gets hysterical and starts crying, I say buddy whats wrong you gotta come out so others can play and you can get a breathe. He then stares at me with a death stare that would've made Chuck Norris cry and through his wall of tears he mutters, Dad I hate coming out of the game, the sideline is my enemy.....I laughed so hard I nearly fainted because he was so upset....
    Game one in the books no crazies because hardly anyone understands soccer which is nice but the whole tramatic pulling the kid out of the game was so funny I had to share his mother saw what happened across the field and after the game she yells at me for making him cry thinking I was yelling at him or something.

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    you are in the running for world's worst dad !! You're trying yet your kid is gonna need a therapist ! I love he says the sidelines are his enemies -seems like he should be a one sport kid ! WRESTLING . Nothing else .Maybe judo or karate .
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    That is priceless.
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    Roaring with laughter, I read this to my wife. Absolute silence for 30 seconds. Then - "Why did he make his baby cry?" RD - I don't think you can win this one. Just lower your head and bull your way forward. Good luck!

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