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    I love my Mac
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    Sadly, this virus claimed my computer. Just had to buy a new one.
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    If you are concerned that you might be infected you can run the test on this site:

    If you want more information, including instructions on how to get rid of the worm, go to:

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    Problem is if you have the virus already, you can't look these up on the internet, it shuts down your virus scan and you can't use system restore at all.

    Your best bet is to have someone email you the malicious software removal tool and then download it to your computer that way. However, make sure whoever emails it to you, changes the name of the file and doesn't use the words of the file in the header or body, as you most likely will not be able to open the email or open the file.

    Things I wish I would've known weeks ago.
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    Don't you know who I am? I'm the JUGGERNAUT BIATCH!!

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    I wonder who/what they plan to do with it. A major outbreak on facebook PM's happened the same day as the conficker call home.. probably infecting 10s of thousands more people.

    They say it originated in eastern Europe.

    I feel they are waiting for the US infection rate to reach >20% (currently about 6% of US machines are infected) before running. That would give them about 3x - 5x the power they have right now and presumably enough to do whatever it is they wish to do.

    If they get the infection rate up to 20% they could pretty much do anything they want, to any machines they want, any time they want because most PCs in the US are left on overnight, whereas the majority of infected computers overseas are shut down at night.

    What I find a bit scary about all of this is that conficker apparently made it's first call home in October, right after we began to see an economic collapse, and has grown very rapidly with no signs of slowing down and no attempts (reported) of an attempt to profit from it (yet)

    We can't even imagine what they can do with the power of that many PCs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stardust View Post
    I love my Mac
    Me too! And not just for this reason!
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