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Discuss End the debate at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; My work friends and I were debating this song today. Not sure why, but I ...
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    My work friends and I were debating this song today. Not sure why, but I came in singing it. Obviously the song is about a dude's "first time". But I contend that the woman in the song is a hooker. They say not. My debate goes to the fact that he didn't know the woman's name, he got a funny feeling when she walked in the room and she was everything he thought she'd be. How would she be everything he thought if he didn't even know her? Anyway let me know what you all think. Here's the song with lyrics.

    Oh What A Night lyrics - YouTube

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    Hooker, prostitute, courtesan, concubine, paramour, whore, B-girl, harlot, hustler, lady of the evening, scarlet woman, streetwalker, working girl. . .
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    [D]on't let lack of knowledge impact your ability to post as if you are knowledgeable.

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    It sure as hell wasn't his neighbor or mom's best friend giving out a free lesson....

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