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Thread: 1st BCS OSU, USF, BC, LSU, OU

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    Default 1st BCS OSU, USF, BC, LSU, OU

    1st BCS
    1 Ohio State 0.9416
    2 South Florida 0.92
    3 Boston College 0.8906
    4 LSU 0.84
    5 Oklahoma 0.7623
    6 South Carolina 0.7432
    7 Kentucky 0.6833
    8 Arizona State 0.6831
    9 West Virginia 0.6624
    10 Oregon 0.6369

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    Default Re: 1st BCS OSU, USF, BC, LSU, OU

    That was my exact projection at the beginning of the season.
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    Default Re: 1st BCS OSU, USF, BC, LSU, OU

    I wonder how much money you could have made, if you were able to place a preseason bet (somewhere) on the order of the top 3 in the first BCS standings. Nobody could have seriously picked those 3.

    EDIT--except eazee.

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    Default Re: 1st BCS OSU, USF, BC, LSU, OU

    I don't think osu should be #1 yet. If they can make it through the brutal end of their season that goes @ psu, wisconsin, illiniois, @ michigan then maybe. That's why the computers have USF at #1.

    What a crazy season already and there's till lots to come. God, I love college football!!!!

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