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    Okay, I promise you that I am not a grinch. I love Christmas. But I do have a complaint and it is one that has only creeped up over the last couple of years.

    We used to get Christmas cards in the mail wishing us well or with a funny quip. We would put every one of them atop our mantle on full display for everyone to see. It was easy. You just half open the card and it stands right up on display. After the holidays, you toss it them in the trash with all the other Christmas wrappings and boxes etc.....

    Now, however, there is a barrage of Christmas cards made on computers. These have every friend or family you can think of posing in a picture. The only way to display them is to hang them on your refrigerator because they don't open up to be displayed anywhere else. It's freaking annoying!

    What am I supposed to do with these things? I see these people on a regular basis, so I feel as though I have to display them all. But I really get sick of looking at them and their ugly children everytime I reach for a beer or some left over pot roast.

    Can anyone tell me the etiquette on how long I have to keep them or where else I can display them? And what the heck ever happened to just a card wishing people a Merry Christmas, instead of everyone thinking everyone else wants to see their faces pasted across their refrigerators? And how do I tell these people to quit sending me these things without hurting feelings?

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    Hang them on the fridge with the picture facing the door .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spider View Post
    Hang them on the fridge with the picture facing the door .

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