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Thread: What are you listening to?

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    "I like to relax with a chainsaw." Tom Brands 12/4/09

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    Not metal, I already know that. But my gawd!!! I didn't even notice if she was singing. I just saw legs and legs and legs and........

    Joss Stone - Son of a Preacher Man - YouTube

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    Motorhead is just flat out awesome.

    Motörhead - Just 'Cos You Got The Power - YouTube

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    When you absolutely, positively need to listen to the heaviest sh!t possible, it's gotta be Meshuggah. Here is the leaked track from their album that will come out in March. Going to see them in San Fran soon; I have early entry tickets to the gen admission concert so I'm heading to the first row center balcony. I may not be able to hear for a week but it may be worth it.

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    Another quickie - Quinn may be the only one here to appreciate this one. Guthrie Govan is one of the best new guitar talents I've heard in ten years, maybe 15. He and Tosin Abasi are the two biggest game changers in rock guitar in quite some time. Govan hasn't hit it big yet outside of the guitar community, but he is an unreal talent. You still can't get his CD anywhere but as a download from his site, Amazon has it for like $90. If you really want it, track it down through alternate channels. Anyway, here is the vid.

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    Keep posting the guitarists. I not only love them, but I forward them to my dad and his friend. Dad loves good guitar and his buddy also tries to play it. I just wonder why guys like Govan don't join a band for a few years just for the recognition and then be able to sell their solo stuff easier. Musicians are a funny bunch that way.

    Oh, and good luck with the general admission seating. I used to go to those back in the day. It really is a brutal way to get a decent seat. Then, after all that work to get center on the floor, the beer hits you and you have to piss. Just no way to get that spot back once you leave it. You might have better luck in the balcony though. I am assuming there are actual seats there.

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    No one is playing better than Govan right now, he is just insane. He is in another band called The Aristocrats. Look up the song "Sweaty Knockers" which might be the best song title ever.

    I have early entry to Meshuggah, so I'll get in about 30 minutes before everyone else. Like I said, I'm heading for front center balcony.

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    It takes a twisted sense of humor, but from his recent album, "Seeking Major Tom." I LOVE it!

    William Shatner Is Iron Man! - YouTube
    UNI Panthers...Because it's just right.

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