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Thread: What are you listening to?

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    I forgot to post a response Quinn, Tommy Emmanuel is amazing. I've known of him for quite some time now, and I have four or five bootlegs of him in concert.

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    Tool is my favorite band, for probably the last ten years or so. They have many to choose from, but Prison Sex is pretty straight forward (musically), but the lyrics are pretty sick, as you'd expect. I'm going to see them in Reno in January with a few other dudes and I may have an extra ticket if anyone is interested. It's about a five hour drive from where I live, but Tool is worth it.

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    Hot women? Check. Loud guitars? Check. Fast Cars? Check.

    This is one of Maynard James Keenan's side projects. He is the lead singer of both Tool and A Perfect Circle. He calls Tool a manifestation of his masculine side and A Perfect Circle his feminine side, but it's still pretty rocking. If I had to pick one rock dude to hang out with for a day it would either be Maynard James Keenan or Mike Patton of Faith No More, Fantomas, Tomahawk, and a host of other bands.

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    This my brother Chris. he is an actor, singer, guitarist, songwriter, artist...someday he'll grow up and pick one wait..that's a total lie, as he never will. So anyway,..over the past few years living in Vegas & LA we would hear more and more that...He look like Keith Urban...or Fabio depending on the day... he was not much of a "country" guy, just not his thing...we grew up on singer songwriters like Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, James Taylor..yes but not country.

    After moving to Vegas a year ago, we heard the KU thing even Chris started listening to him and guess what? He was like this guy Urban is a great player, good singer, and a great songwriter. Who knew.

    Chris learned a couple of his songs and something kept entering his mind (& mine too!). Living in Vegas you are surrounded by cover bands and tribute shows and impersonators/impressionists. Was the universe telling my bro to stop fighting it and work up a KU tribute set? Apparently it was.

    So, here is a very raw first pass at what may eventually be a full KU Tribute show. There are no filters, compressors, sound board...just a miked guitar and voice. Hopefully the next round will have a little better production values. He will be posting more songs. As a musician this is an interesting area to venture into...where do you keep your own voice in all this? He wonders about trying to be an impressionist? No, He ain't no carbon copy or exaggerated version...He is interpreting the song in the style of KU, and trying to remain true to the original intent of the song. It is a work in progress. Here we go. I hope you enjoy. I know I did...

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    +1 for Chris Cornell. I saw Soundgarden play a few months ago in San Francisco, and they were hands down one of the loudest bands I've ever heard, and I've been to Van Halen, Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Alice in Chains, Tool, and a bunch of other ear-shredders in my day.

    Anyway, this is a little off the beaten track - kind of a Russian avant-garde jazz fusion band. With vocals that aren't so good. But, the guitarist is very good, and upon watching it the second time I noticed he's playing the same model guitar that I own. He's a touch better than me though. Now for something completely different...

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    Not their best, but it is their newest.

    Van Halen - Tattoo (2012) - YouTube

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    Great video from ISIS, but a little disturbing.

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    I can't help it, I love 80's metal and still support them when they do new stuff. Give it a listen.

    Sebastian Bach - Kicking And Screaming (Official Video) - YouTube

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