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    Falcons can recoup $20 million paid to Vick
    ATLANTA - Michael Vick has taken another hit — and this one could cost him nearly $20 million.

    Already facing prison time, the disgraced quarterback lost the first round in his financial battle with the Atlanta Falcons when an arbitrator ruled Tuesday that Vick should repay much of the bonus money he got while secretly bankrolling a gruesome dogfighting ring.

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    He's also facing civil actions from two banks for loans in the 2million range.

    This whole thing has really turned into a black hole for Vick. After all is said and done with fines, lost wages, lost endorsements, legal fees, defaulted loans, etc. He won't have much left if anything.

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    We I guess we all know now where his younger brother learned things from.

    That's the price colleges pay when they try to make the school more about paying a sport and trying to get them to the pros, versus doing the right thing.

    Heck, look at Miami or any other school that has just be flat out disgraceful and these colleges just keep throwing more money at them thinking the problem will go away. Wrong, the problem is getting worse every year. Too muhc emphasis on trying to find that million dollar athlete that may or may not turn pro.
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