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Thread: Penn State football sexual assault scandal

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    Default Penn State football sexual assault scandal

    This is going to get ugly. What facts we have are...not good.

    Penn State's insufficient action amid child sex allegations stunning - College Football -

    Honestly, I'm being nice with my description. The original crime is horrific and the seeming cover up that has followed is despicable by all.
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    Default Re: Penn State football sexual assault scandal

    ESPN has 3 different links to it.

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    Default Re: Penn State football sexual assault scandal

    Are college employees mandated reporters like high school/elementary school employees? Even if they don't come under that requirement, it is hard to believe that anybody really thought that notifying the next person up the chain of command was sufficient action.
    In the two cases I was responsible for when teaching, I told my principal, then sat in her office while she called CPS. We filled out the forms together.

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    Default Re: Penn State football sexual assault scandal

    All of this does sound fishy. Out of just human decency, you would think that someone would have put the kid first in their mind. You don't have to be a saint to ask yourself if you think that 10yr old kid needed someone to stand up for him. I don't care how influencial the guy is in the area. It is absolutely sickening that anyone put that guy ahead of the kid when deciding what to do. I have always liked Paterno, but if all of this is true, then he needs to resign just on the basis that he only did as little as he thought he should with the information available. Somewhere there is a teenage boy who is still traumatized and will probably never trust another person as long as he lives. Truly sad.

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    Default Re: Penn State football sexual assault scandal

    This to me is absolutely disgusting. I can't believe that not one of the people involved (from the grad student that saw what was going on, or his father clear up to the president of the university) reported this to the police. I'm all for handling everything that can be "internally" but when someone is dealing with child sex crimes that's another story entirely. It's a complete disgrace to the program and the university as a whole. Personally I think that anyone who had any knowledge of this should not be given the opportunity to resign but they should be fired immediately. They have quite possible allowed someone to ruin a young man's life.

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    Default Re: Penn State football sexual assault scandal

    Very disturbing and horrifying story.
    I have been a big Joe Pa fan for years.
    My understanding is that the alleged crime was reported to him and he forwarded the allegation onto the police.
    I think if he had no more evidence than one report, he did as much as could be expected.
    There had to be a big part of him hoping that the allegation was not true and when nothing came from the "investigation" he had to feel relieved and we really can't expect him to do more than that.
    On the other hand, if there were many allegation overy many years thqat were reported to him or he saw first hand improper behavior, then it is time for him to go and his legacy will smeared.

    I know that in this post I am only worrying about Paterno and not the real victims who have suffered greatly, but I don't have much to add besides disgust towards the perpatrator and sympathy toward the young victims.

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    Default Re: Penn State football sexual assault scandal

    What isn't being said:
    If you read the Grand Jury testimony unfortunately, Mike McCreary, Joe Paterno, Bud Schultz & Tim Curley are all saying DIFFERENT things. Somewhere in the midst of this I am hoping there is some truth. And if it becomes black & white matter then someone will be telling the truth & someone will be lying.

    Also JoePA going to Schultz is GOING TO THE POLICE.

    Schultz is in charge of the University Police. That is basically like going to the Chief of Police in regular town. The Campus Police are NOT rent-a-cops or security guards. They are POLICE. They have legal jurisdiction over the 550 acre campus, not the State College Borough Police.

    Another viewpoint:
    It is easy to say that you would taken a baseball bat to Sandusky if you saw what McCreary said he saw. I know I would. But the is just another perspective I could impart to anyone to help them wrap their head around any or all of it.

    Imagine finding out someone you really loved & trusted was doing something like that. I might cause you to pause for a moment. Like your best friend, your beloved Uncle or even your brother or Dad. That is the TRUST that Sandusky had built up. Would you turn in your Dad or Brother or best friend to the cops just like that? Or would you want to grab him & say WHAT THE F ARE U DOING? And then try & get him "HELP"? I am NOT saying that is RIGHT but I am saying that sometimes people ERR in trying to fix someone that they care about.

    I say this b/c I have erred in this way when I cut a family member slack when they were doing wrong & it came back to bite me in the @$$ big time. I learned from then on I had to judge others by their actions & respond accordingly OR ELSE I discovered that what I failed to handle HANDLES the $H!T OUT OF ME. And that always ended up sucking. A LOT.

    Plus I have dealt with having a family member who is a Social Worker & believe me, this stuff happens in rural PA more than you can imagine. The family member took to drinking A LOT & telling me ALL of the cases they dealt with crying & sobbing the entire time about one horrible story after another, drunk out of their mind. And a common denominator is that almost every time the crime was being committed by someone who was trusted. So therefore people around them wouldn't believe their eyes or ears b/c they thought of the person as basically good. And hence, no one pulls the trigger.

    So one hand I sympathize with the guys close to scene who wavered on the trigger finger all b/c they actually cared for the man who betrayed their trust. Yet on the other hand, you have justice. And what happens though is now anyone who wavered on the trigger will go down with that guy if all of this plays out to be true. Ultimately thats how destructive this $hit is.

    The real compassion is to call the cops in ASAP. Thats compassion for the victim & ultimately for the perp. B/c what he/she is doing IS EVIL. And the only way for that perp to even have a chance is confront their own evil. Unfortunately for me, that s what I saw when I saw those pictures of Sandusky being arrested: Someone who was glad he was finally caught & stopped. Someone who knew he had done evil & was now going to have to face the piper.

    Legal vs Moral:
    I think JoePa did what was legally expected of him. PASS.

    I wrote this before but for me personally I am hoping to hear that He & these other guys did more than just do the legal requirements. If I was in their shoes I would have felt OBLIGATED MORALLY to make sure that this info was all followed up on & that justice was served. BUT thats just me. If he/they didn't? FLUNK.

    I think that this is where we are going to hear most of the condemnation, on moral grounds.

    I think that a leader needs to be able to identify & handle evil. If he/she they shouldn't be there. And if they are fooled well it is not enough to just say that. We can all be fooled. The trick is, to not be fooled again. And if you are a leader & you have been fooled then you need to fix that so there is no doubt that it has been fixed, IMO.

    What isn't being said, part 2:
    What about the kids? No one is saying anything about the f-in boys who are no doubt scarred for life over this.

    Right now I feel like I don't want to watch another sporting event the rest of my someone threw $h!t on me & it won't wash off. Fk.

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    Default Re: Penn State football sexual assault scandal

    A link, and two thoughts. Source: Former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky had access to school recently; Joe Paterno faces critics -

    I'm still confused about whether "the police" were formally notified. I keep reading on this site that Schultz is "the police", but then the Pennsylvania state police Commissioner is quoted in the article above that Paterno had a moral obligation to go to the police and not to a school administrator. That's highly confusing to me.

    Second thought - Paterno doesn't survive this and he resigns before the season is over. I doubt that the school President survives it either. There is no way this story gets better, it is only going to get worse in terms of who had knowledge of what was happening.

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    Default Re: Penn State football sexual assault scandal

    I don't know who's right or wrong here. The media often gets things wrong and may be wrong now. But on two different national news stations they were reporting the cancellation of Paterno's news conference. Both stations said that police were not notified. They said he went to his superior but not the police. Again, Fox and CNN could both be wrong. But either way, it ain't lookin' good.

    Oh, and a 9th boy (now an adult) has just came forward.

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