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    That trade between Herk and Zapp is shaky at best. Matthew Stafford for Cedric Benson? Benson doesn't look like he fills a gaping need in Zapp's lineup, and he is also suspended. What's up with that trade?

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    Well, Hardesty is out so is Tolbert and Benson just served his 1 game suspension. He must be thinking Romo will serve him better than the qb he had. I don't know, Stafford is hurt but should be okay. I think Zapp panicked, but it is getting late so I don't think there was a cheat involved.

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    Not really accusing of cheating, I just don't get the trade.

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    They're both cheating.

    Actually everyone is.
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    I'm GETTING Stafford and GIVING Benson. And the trade wasn't my idea, lol. Herk has been bombarding me with trades.
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    Just noticed this thread. At the time I needed a running back to fill gaps in my bye weeks. I had Stafford to give up since he wouldnt see my starting lineup again since I have Cam Newton. It was really just a trade that I needed to do to fill some gaps at RB and Kicker. I knew Zapp would bite if I gave up a lot for not much.

    Hope you all will play again next year. I had a good time!

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