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Thread: Dave Chappelle!!

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    I just posted a longer post but apparently it didn't go through.

    Anyway, I've heard stories about big-time comedians dropping in on clubs just to try out new material, and it's awesome that you were there. Chappelle isn't one of my favorites though, I don't know why I've never gotten into him.

    I'd rate Pryor, Murphy, Carlin, and especially Louis C.K. above him. Louis C.K. is the best comedian alive, and possibly the funniest guy of all time, in my opinion.

    Still cool to see Chappelle up close though.

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    Robin Williams is tops for sheer zaniness. Carlin was the best political guy. Chris Rock is pretty F-in funny live.

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    Louis C.K. got his start at this club. As did Seinfeld(this club is the one Jerry stands in front of at the beginning of his show with the brick wall behind him).
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    Hmm, have not seen Louis CK's stand-up yet. I really liked his HBO show so I am not sure why I haven't checked him out yet. Going to do so now.

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