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    Just finished watching a really good documentary about the Munich Olympic hostage situation. It's called One Day in September. It has mostly live footage, interviews some of the police and political figures involved, wives of some of the hostages, daughters of some hostages and even interviews one of the surviving terrorists.

    I was only a few months old when it all happened so I didn't know the whole situation. I think that even if you remember all of it happening, you will still find it very good. Michael Douglas is the narrator.

    I can't believe how bad they botched the whole situation. Even what happened later, which I think is the subject of the movie Munich by Spielberg.

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    I watched it live on television with sportscaster Jim McKay guiding us through every tragic turn of events. It was almost as surreal as 911.
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    I remember Spider I remember...

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    This incident was tragic...afterward, the Mossad started OPERATION WRATH OF GOD and avenged these lives .
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    This incident was tragic...afterward, the Mossad started OPERATION WRATH OF GOD and avenged these lives .
    Not to ruin the movie Munich, but they didn't get one of the terrorists. That guy is interviewed throughout the documentary. The German government also finally admits that the hijacked plane that they used as an excuse to set the terrorists free was all a set up. They just wanted their hands wiped clean of the whole event. BTW, I saw it on Current TV. They have been doing something called 50 Documentaries you need to see before you die. So it will probably be shown again if you get that channel.

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