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    Wow, there is actually a Liberian general named Butt Naked. Pretty sure he missed his true calling in porn, but General Butt Naked is kind of a cool title. He and Private Parts could have made a great movie.

    Liberia's General Butt Naked seeks redemption | Richard Bartholomew | Comment is free |

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    I realize most people won't watch a 90min documentary on a computer, but this is actually really interesting. Here it is for those who may be interested.

    Channel 4 - The Redemption of General Butt Naked - YouTube

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    This guy has been around for a few years.

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    I think the film said he started all his killing back in 1989, so yeah, he's been around for quite some time. I just had never heard of him or the Liberian civil war for that matter.

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