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    As a specie we've accomplished so much, so will we ever invent a washer and dryer that doesn't eat socks?

    Today after Warner Stellian delivered a new LG washer & dryer I threw in a load of laundry to test them out. While folding the sparkling clothes fresh from the dryer I discovered a sock missing from two different sets.

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    You can claim the socks if you have a scuba license at the bottom of Detroit Lake. I've been to the bottom of the lake several times and it is littered with socks. Not sure how your dryer gets them there but, I'd bet that your mismatched pairs could find partners there.

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    This question was answered long ago by Jerry Seinfeld:

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    I was a rescue swimmer but don't have a diving script. Thanks to Jerry S's intell, I silently reentered the laundry room. Under cover of darkness I could hear the faint pleas for help echoing from inside the washer, "Black Sock Down, Black Sock Down." These little skinnies were organized and focused. But no one escapes from Shawshank. Two secured and repatriated with their mates. Mission accomplished. Oorah!

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    My grandma always put safety pins on both socks. She probably lost just as many, but never just one.

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    Congrats on the recovery, a real miracle.

    LG washer & dryer ...........front loading washer?

    If so,............ notes from my been there, done that diary..... should get your wife (and yourself)in the habit of wiping down the bottom of the door gasket, otherwise you find this funky black stuff starting to grow. It is particularly true if you use fabric softener. It's a rippled gasket and catches all sorts of crud that gets caught in the ripple and not rinsed out. Also, keep the door open when finished to air dry that gasket. When closed the moisture and soap feeds the mold.

    Should you find the black stuff on the gasket (and at some point you will) take an old wash cloth, tuck it in between the ripples in the gasket and soak it with bleach. Shut the door and let is sit for 30-45 minutes at least, longer the more efficient it is at removing the black. It's the only way it comes out, scrubbing doesn't help. Oh yea.....put a sign on the door not to use it during the bleaching process. I forgot one day, left that wash cloth in there and wifey fed the little ogre and bunch of clothes bouncing them over the chlorine soaked rag. PS.....they sell washer rinse in the supermarket that is supposed to remove the mold......don't waste your money. PSS, this is problem with virtually front loader gaskets.

    Outside of that little issue, the LG is a super set....incredibly quite even when washing sneaks and it cleans a lot better than our old top loader even though it uses far less water.
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    Thank Ryou. The new washers have a magnet in the door that holds the door in the near closed position but not quite sealed. I was told to leave it in this position (not sealed shut) when not in use so air circulates. Keeping the door sealed shut causes the creeping crud you speak of. The Neptunes I had long ago got the funk.

    You're right they're very quiet. I'll use my dress shirts to test out the steam wash tomorrow.

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