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    My 24yr old daughter just moved back in with us. She's been out of the house for 5yrs. I actually feel sorry for her, not just because of the fiancee problems that have brought her back, but for other physical problems. If someone could help, I would appreciate it.

    Here's the deal. She is about 5'2" and 110lbs soaking wet. She runs 3 miles three times a week and 5 miles twice a week. But she does no weight training. I remember this problem when she moved out and in my selfishness, I forgot to find any way to help her. I have been watching her for the past couple of weeks, so I can give exact symptoms to anyone who knows how to help.

    She obviously has enough strength in both index fingers to flip a light switch up to the "on" position. I have witnessed it on every light switch in the house. The problem is, I don't think she has built enough muscle in those same fingers to depress the switch into the "off" position. Does anyone have any workout plans that can help? Because I have enough strength in my left hand to write out a $150 electric bill, I'm just not sure if I have enough to write a $300 check.

    Any help would be appreciated. And if it needs to be moved to the workout thread, that's cool too.

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    I would suggest having her build strength by writing a $50 check each month, build that up slowly to where it is a $200 check each month. At that point she can probably begin the difficult and strenuous workout routine known as cooking, she can even superset that with cleaning as well. Eventually she should be able to build up the strength to depress the switch, it may take some time however.
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    You are a wise man Snackem. Very, very wise.

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    One thing that we found helpful (4 girls - none of which understood how a light switch worked) were lights that turned off automatically (motion activiated) in the bathrooms and their bedrooms. Screaming doesn't help. I know from experience. Alcohol does - but has other difficulties attached.

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    LOL-same problem here. Mine has been home since graduating. At first it was a little time to find a job and bank cash before getting an apartment with some friends. Then she got engaged at the stay stuck, building cash for a house after they're married. I've got a month left.

    It starts in the morning, room lights go on, then the hall, bathroom, kitchen and any room she happens to walk into. No different in the evening. Unfortunately, none go off as she leaves the room or the house. Some days when my wife and I leave before she does, I'll come home to a house lit like a Christmas tree all sunny day long. Now in some rooms Ihave multiple recessed lights and lamps. She obviously prefers the recessed lighting, because all 6 go on versus a single bulb.

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    I feel your pain RYOU! I have not addressed the situation because she just got back a few weeks ago and is truly heartbroken. But at some point I am either going to have to start the Snackem-plan, mixed with the alcohol plan that M mentioned or something better that may get posted later. Only because I am scared of electricity and would be too scared to try and hook up motion lights. I also think they would probably scare my dog to death. That poor ol' feller is 110lbs, but he's 10 and Boxer's only live 8-12yrs.

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