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Discuss 2500 lighting strikes per hour at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Zapp & Gopher can confirm this but we have had an exciting day in the ...
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    Default 2500 lighting strikes per hour

    Zapp & Gopher can confirm this but we have had an exciting day in the Tampa Bay region today. Last day of March & we have had 60 mph winds, semi trailer trucks blowing over & oh yea Lighting strikes...almost one per second. I forgot also Tornadoes & Water Spouts.

    I had to drive to the airport this morning about 10:30 am. Driving back to Clearwater the sky was BLACK. Windshield wipers couldn't wipe the rain off fast enough. Street lights came on it was so dark. Trees down. 200 ft radio tower blown down. Cell service out. Flights delayed. Power outages, school cancelled & flooding. FUN.

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    Default Re: 2500 lighting strikes per hour

    Pardon me if I don't feel sorry for someone living in the Sunshine State having a bad day. I hope there is no real damage and no one gets killed, but after experiencing a Tuesday at 75 degrees and then Wednesday it was snowing, I can't feel empathy. I may switch over to the weather channel to try and catch some of the action in between innings of the Reds opening day though.

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