Nothing nearly as interesting as Special Forces. I went to Vietnam in April 1969 as an E-3 and left August 1970 as an E-5. My training was as a 96B, Intelligence Analyst, although I spent most of my tour and extension filling a 972A slot as an Area Specialist. I bounced around a little bit - started at MACV HQ but got sent early on to provide additional intelligence manpower to the 101st. That was my first taste of providing direct support to field units. Unfortunately, I apparently gave the impression I was good at that, because I was pretty quickly shipped out of that nice, air-conditioned, relatively safe office next door to ARVN HQ and sent to Polei Kleng in Kontum province to support elements of the 4th Inf and the 22nd ARVN. I spent a little under a year in the southern portion of Kontum Province, with trips to and fro to other scenic locations, until April of 70. That's when the HQ's blue bird of happiness decided to crap all over me and I got assigned to assist in the preparations for Rock Crusher - the trip into Cambodia. While there had been a few occasions to spend time with various units of 5th Special Forces prior to that assignment, none of them had prepared me for this camp out. A SF patrol, dragging yours truly along, made a minor, private invasion into Cambodia to scout the area. While I have the utmost respect for SF in general, and absolute adoration for that particular 11 guys, I have no interest in ever doing something like that again. There are those who are born to be heroes, and there are those, like me, who are born to run like h3ll.
In August, during movements to support the FARK in Operation Chenla, I got careless where I put my feet and got an early trip home, and out.
As for the movie, I thought they were still using that as a training film at Smoke Bomb Hill!