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Thread: Anyone buying the IPad II? (I didnt say Pud Thai)

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    Default Anyone buying the IPad II? (I didnt say Pud Thai)

    We put our original IPad on table and almost exclusively use the MBA and iMac.

    I haven't studied the tech features yet, but it does seem to be positioning itself for the next several releases. I don't have a need for hotspots nor their pricing structure

    Anyway, anyone considering buying? At this point I dont need midspan production product between my iPhone and MBA or iMac.

    Was that a deliberate miss on the os upgrade? Probably not...just another carrot

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    Default Re: Anyone buying the IPad II? (I didnt say Pud Thai)

    The hotspot feature is exclusive to the iPhone 4.
    It adds 2 cameras, which doesn't make much sense. Who is going to use the rear camera on a 10" device. On a 7" device, sure. The processor is supposed to render 2x faster, but I am not sure I will notice. Not much else.

    Gingerbread 3.0 on android tablets, on the other hand looks nice. It's optimized properly for a tablet and really improves email. I am waiting to see the HP touchpad. That will be the true alternative to the iPad.
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    Default Re: Anyone buying the IPad II? (I didnt say Pud Thai)

    Unless I misunderstood, IOS 4.3 releases anytime and will give AT&T customers the ability to tether devices and that doesn't attract me back to the iPad. Not to mention AT&T will try to squeeze more money out of us.

    The front camera is obviously for FaceTime, which we have yet to use on the i4, the rear camera is just thrown in to tack pix into emails or short video takes I suppose. Cameras on smartphones and tabs are just for convenience. I am surprised how frequently I do take photos from my phone. I use it in many situations but mostly to snap a shot for documentation off boards, etc.

    Maybe iPad3 will be of more interest but I think our use is more geared more toward the iPhones and MBA lines. We just don't need a middle device. Perhaps that plays most into why I'm unimpressed.
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