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    I left the office fuming yesterday. The first time I've felt this way since I can ever remember.

    Here's the sequence of events...

    1. Due to a vacation I was put in charge of an important yet complicated process.

    2. I had little to no briefing of the process or the data needing extracted.

    3. I uploaded some data into a spreadsheet and emailed it to this corporate attorney for review and approval. She immediate replied back asking why the data was on two tabs.

    I explained the Excel limitations that this version only
    allows 65,536 rows per tab and the remainding data rolls over into the second tab. Her reply was that from this point on if she rcv'd a spreedsheet spanning two tabs I should include that in the body of the email.

    4. I let that go ad some silly accommodation I would do.

    5 I then rcv'd a phone call from her asking vague questions for which I could not answer immediately. I said I am covering for a collegue who was out if the office but I could get this to her asap but needed clarification on the data sets first so I could get it right the first time.

    6. Her reply was, "I don't even know how to explain it and frankly I have little confidence and worried about you."

    7. By this time I was maintaining what little professional demeanor I had left and replied.

    8. The more unprofessionally youcontinue to be, the more annoyed I am and the more annoyed I become is directly proportional to how much more worried you should become.

    9. I terminated the call advising her to call the VP's office as I was walking there to finish this conversation. far over the line do you feel I went? And how differently would you have handled it.

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    I think it's completely fine to point out that someone is stepping over the line IF you do it without any UPSET in your communication. Keep it rational & without any ill intent but merely a desire to get the job to a DONE. My pair of Lincolns...

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    Other than the implied threat (the more annoyed I become . . .the more worried . . . .) I see no problem at all. You stayed professional in the face of her (apparently deliberate) insults toward your abilities and, more importantly, terminated the conversaion before it could get out-of-hand - and then took it to a supervisor. Sounds like good office practice to me. As for how I would have handled it . . .let's not go there!

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    Id have been more concerned that she didn't understand Excel and was working with a lot of (what Id assume, given the size) valuable data than about anything you did...

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    Well thanks for letting me rant. I rarely have the need to do so. Apparently this attorney has quite a reputation for having such a personality.

    I'm far from an Excel expert but I did find it privately assuming she is incapable of recognizing a spreadsheet containing multiple tabs each of which is appropriately named. To make matters even more absurd when I suggested she add an auto filter to her spreadsheet to ease her in reviewing the data she abruptly replied, "I'm not a programmer."

    This company lives in spreadsheets and she reviews this type of data weekly so how she functions without this basic knowledge relates directly to your point Jacob.

    Oh well. She blessed my data and I spent today working it through the next level of review. I will be pleased to see the person return who normally processes this stuff. Im dramatically falling behind in my own work.

    Thanks again for listening.

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    Default Re: Corporate Attorney Rant

    Apparently this attorney has quite a reputation for having such a personality.

    Quite common when attorneys are working outside their knowledge and skill level.

    If you really want to freak her out, macro the heck out of the next version and create a virtual data disappearing act.
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