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Thread: Rutgers Fires the AD

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    There's been a storm over Rutgers about operations of the athletic department for quite some time now. Much has been related to football Coach Schiano's contract and undisclosed payments to him the were never written in the contract and other off-budget spending. The Pres appointed an investigation committe which found a bunch of accounting issues and was critical of a no bid sports marketing contracts to a firm that hired the AD's son before the deal was inked.

    The torpedo hit in the Sunday news. The local newspaper which has had Rutgers athletics in their gunsignts for the past year, since the university gave Schiano the $2M deal, revealed U Connecticut just completed a bid war for their sports marketing contract that garners the university a guarantee of $8,000,000 annually. The Rutgers
    no-bid deal - well, it pays the university a measily $250,000, the identical some that was being paid to Schiano off contract. That's the deal that killed the AD's gig and rightly so. $7,750,000 annually is the what is needed to finance the new stadium addition and Schiano's fat contract.

    This is the AD that killed RU tennis, crew, fencing (the only sport to which RU has a national championship trophy) and other male and female scholarhip programs for athletics over budget shortages. In retrospect, totally unnecessary.

    That my friends is what happens when politcos are appointed to key administrtive positions. The AD was hired 10 years ago under a different administration. His bio - politician appointed by a governor to the position of President of the NJ Sports and Exposition Authority, the state org that operates Giants Stadium, The Meadowlands Arena and Meadowlands Racetrack....fundamentally a real estate management firm. Another demo governor pulled the strings to place him as the AD. The guy had no athletics background and those close to the program back then questioned the appointment by a politically motivated BoT's.

    Chalk it all up to NJ political corruption, it has no end and it's reach far surpasses that of the mob and for NJ that is quite a reach.
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    Chalk it all up to NJ political corruption, it has no end and it's reach far surpasses that of the mob and for NJ that is quite a reach.
    Hopefully a similar fate befalls Killkenny at Oregon.....
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