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Thread: My Friday feel-good moment:

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    Yeah, I know, it's Saturday for all of you folks, but it's MY Friday! After a week of slogging through the sewage of society, I needed a bright spot, and I found one. It would be enough to enjoy this little girl's voice - on pitch, with some power, and a sweetness of tone that is a real pleasure to listen to. But the feel-good for me comes when her mic fails - and the reaction of the crowd. Hope you enjoy.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    I saw that in the news.

    It immediately reminded me of a young woman who was signing the anthem at the JUCO nationals three years ago and had a full blown panic attack (I can recognize it from a mile away) while singing.

    Once she could no longer sing, the crowd picked up where she left off and finished it for her, just like the video.
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