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Thread: freestyle vs folkstyle help

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    Here we go:

    1:23- 3pt. (R) TD
    1:37- 3pt. (R) Back exposure (?)

    I assume they let the wrestling continue so (R) could go for the pin.

    4:48- 1pt. (B) PO
    5:00- 1pt. (B) TD
    5:01- 2pt. (R) Back exposure
    5:05- 2pt. (B) Back exposure
    5:07- 2pt. (B) Back exposure
    5:20- 1pt. (B) PO

    This would have ended the period if I was scoring. That scramble was crazy and I'm sure I handed out too many pts.

    5:58- 3pt. (R) TD (short amplitude but immediate danger?)
    6:03- 3pt. (R) Back exposure
    6:47- 3pt. (R) TD (short amplitude but immediate danger?)

    Obviously I scored it different, too. I couldn't keep up with the scoring during the scrambles. I paused it every time I thought there was a score, but the ref didn't call half the things I did. I guess it's pretty hard to see everything in real time. Or, I am just some "point-giving-goof". How did you score it?

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    My scoring:
    First period = same as yours. I thought that arm through could have been scored 3 red and 2 blue but refs disagreed.
    Second period =
    4:48 and 5:20 no points scored- you need to be in a standing position to score a push out (don't ask me why)

    The 5:01-5:07 scramble is tough. Blue goes behind and tries three turns (gutwrench, two tilts) and it's hard to see how many are sucessful. I scored it 1-2-2 (1 td, 2 turns) with no points for red. The officials scored it 1-2 for blue.

    5:57 2 pts red, plus one for the hold (not a 3 pt throw unless he picks him right off the mat). Refs give 2 pts only, then seem to change their minds and add the 3rd (scoreboard changes for some reason)
    6:47 2 pts red. Again, IMO he didn't lift hiim high enough to score a 3 pt throw.

    So I have it 5-5, red wins on last point scored tiebreaker. Official score is 5-3 red.

    Tough match to score, and if we had others try to score it they would probably come up with yet another score. Freestyle is like that. I hope you enjoyed it though. Pretty high level match, Saitiev is one of the all time greats and his opponent Hajizadeh is a world champion.
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    RIP Jacob Schlottke 1984-2011

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    I am now addicted to scoring freestyle. So here it goes.

    2:03- 3pt. (B) TD + exposure
    2:13- 2pt. (B) Back exposure
    2:28- 2pt. (B) Back exposure (I didn't give (R) anything. I thought I learned my lesson from the last match. Guess not)

    Right now, I am 2pts. different than the ref

    3:11- 3pt. (R) TD + exposure
    3:16- 1pt. (B) Reversal
    3:42- 2pt. (B) Back exposure
    4:25- 2pt. (B) Back exposure
    4:28- 3pt. (R) Reversal + exposure

    Now I am only 1pt. different. How did they score the last flurry?

    6:05-3pt. (B) TD + Back exposure

    6:26- Somehow (R) gained an extra 3pts. I am now 4pts. different. Not sure why he got those points.
    6:39- They come back from commercial and (R) has suddenly lost a point. I am so glad the announcer is saying this is subjective scoring. lol
    6:47- 1pt. (R) TD
    7:36- 1pt. (B) TD
    7:40- 2pt. (B) Back exposure
    7:48- 1pt. (R) Reversal (scoreboard shows 17-11. My score 18-8. Where, oh where have I gone wrong?)
    8:23- 3pt. (B) TD + exposure (nice judo throw, O Soto Gari)
    8:47- Ref gave 2pt. I wouldn't have. Close call
    8:59- 2pt. (B) Back exposure

    Final official score 24-11. My score 23-8.

    Thanks Wiltz. Made me feel better that the judges on the mat kept changing the score and the announcers said several times that it is subjective. That match was pretty exciting, too. No pushouts and the ref let them wrestle more on the mat. I guess that was before the rule changes that I've heard of.

    Thanks again to arm-spin and Spider for the help, too. I am sure my paper will be better for all the help. I can use the first part of this video for strategy ideas, too. All of this has helped.

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    RIP Jacob Schlottke 1984-2011

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    RIP Jacob Schlottke 1984-2011

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    RIP Jacob Schlottke 1984-2011

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    I guess not even quinn is masochistic enough to willingly score a Randy Lewis bout!

    BTW quinn if you are still looking for books, "Winning Wrestling Moves", while mainly a folkstyle manual, has a freestyle section that teaches various turns at the end.

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    Thanks, arm-spin. I will check it out.

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