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Thread: iPad or MBA?

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    Default iPad or MBA?

    We dumped the iPad for the 11" MBA. No regrets. Anyone else?

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    Never heard of the MBA.
    I thought the iPad was a neat gadget, but I don't really see how it fits. To me it seemed to be either a big smart phone without the ability to make phone calls or a smaller laptop with a slick look that doesn't do everything a laptop does.

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    Sorry ODH, MBA = Mac Book Air.

    I made the rookie mistake of thinking I could use the iPad as a laptop replacement. While I like the iPad as a reader and light browser it has it limitations for emailing or doing other work as well as I just get tired of holding or propping it up . I find the MBA 11 is just as portable, the screen resolution is unbeatable and the full keyboard eliminates the four finger iPad peck. No matter where I am I can pop it open and actually work without limits. Great little machine.

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