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Discuss Whats up guys at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I just came across these forums and it looks like a good community to join. ...
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    I just came across these forums and it looks like a good community to join. I'm a high school wrestler for Lawrence High School in Long Island. Looking forward to meeting you guys and talking to you. My name is Patryk, pronounced Patrick. I'm 17, and I wrestle at 160 my junior year in high school. Looking to get down to 152 soon.


    Edit- my youtube channel is
    ill be uploading most of my matches. I only have 2 from the last match which i lost, tell me what i did wrong if you want, tips and comments well appreciated.

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    Welcome, Patryk. This is a great website. People of all ages and lots of useful information. Be sure to look at the many instructional videos.
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    Nice to meet you Patryk. Pay no attention to Spider. I'm the "go to" man around here. Just ask me any question you can think of and I'm sure to steer you in the wrong direction. I actually heard that Spider was a basketball player. And a darn good one. Except for the dribbling, shooting and stamina. But, no one is perfect. Welcome....

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