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    Hey guys! I would like to introduce myself to the forums. My name is Abdullah AbdElAziz, wrestling since 3rd grade, but did not take it seriously until last year which was sophomore year and now I am a junior! I just got certified at 125, but my weight keeps fluctuating from 140-132. So if anyone can give me a diet that keeps my strength and keep me full/happy, I would appreciate it =).

    I just moved from North New Jersey to South New Jersey. I live in Little Egg Harbor.
    I have been going to a lot of tournaments this past summer and I have gained a lot of knowledge. I still go to my wrestling club called Shore Thing.

    I am looking to wrestle in college and willing to commit to anything that comes at me.

    I do have a lot of questions to put up, but if you have any please ask me!

    Also a workout/strength routine would be nice as well!


    Abdullah AbdElAziz

    Add me on Facebook if you want:

    Abdullah TheFlash Abdelaziz | Facebook

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    Welcome! While I found a diet that kept me full and happy, it also took me from 205 to 260, so it may not work for you. Besides, it involved a lot of beer, so you may want to wait a few years before you try it.
    Seriously, check the other forums, you should be able to find a lot of material that will help you. Again, welcome, and good luck with your wrestling.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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