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Thread: OnStar celebrates 100,000 Car Accidents

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    Default OnStar celebrates 100,000 Car Accidents

    OnStar's 100,000 Crash Response Milestone

    Sure... they are reporting accidents and likely saved lives, but they are also using 100,000 + people's car accidents, some of them probably fatal, as a marketing tool.

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    Default Re: OnStar celebrates 100,000 Car Accidents

    It's a neat service. I had it free for one year 'cept the cost of the car phone calls. The service (which I got free) was $17.95 / month excluding the cost of calls which was much higher than traditional cellphone costs. I never made a call using the system since I have a cell.

    If I didn't spend the majority my time in populated areas, the benefit might outweigh the cost, particularly if you live a remote area prone to ice and snow and snaky roads. They have since linked with the Verizon Wireless Family plans so you can call within Verizon plan and not use your Verizon minutes. You're still paying for the Onlstar call.

    Now if they had Sirius radio built in.....
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    Default Re: OnStar celebrates 100,000 Car Accidents

    OnStar is becoming less and less useful with the price of GPS navigation systems coming down significantly. I still have their accident alert system activated, but have canned the phone and driving assistance packages. The phone service should simply have bluetooth connectivity and allow any phone to work with the system & the driving directions are awful compared to a GPS.

    Hopefully I never need to use the accident response system, but you are right- it's nice if it ever is used.

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    Default Re: OnStar celebrates 100,000 Car Accidents

    Your original point is valid, though.

    I can't help but think of a parallel by seeing an ad that would say, "Johnson's Funeral Home...Three thousand deaths and counting..."
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    Default Re: OnStar celebrates 100,000 Car Accidents

    People are dying to get into Johnson's Funeral Home
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