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Thread: I have a tremendous $ worth

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    Default I have a tremendous $ worth

    I just took another IQ test to see if getting off the pain meds is working -scored a 129-148- 137-then I took a test to see how much I am worth . I was figuring around $7.00 but they have me valued at $ 2.662,598.00-if anyone would pay me half that or even 10% of that or make sure my older sister got the cash I would blow my brains out just for your enjoyment-or I would be your slave for 10% of that -you try any kinky sex stuff and you die -otherwise I'll wash your clothes , do your dishes , walk the dog , etc..
    At my current income it would take a little over 300 years for me to see that much cash . I am as serious as this web site -if anyone thinks there is anyway under Heaven I am worth that amount I am at your service . shit you not.
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