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    Finally killed my first deer the other day which was Oct. 25. Got a nice 8 point buck up in Grant Parish, LA at my grandpa's camp. Shot him using my 270. WSM. I Was hunting with my dad and got it around sunset. Was really excited and nervous before I shot him, but I managed to put a great shot on him and he dropped right there on the spot.

    Going to get him stuffed now. Gonna try and put a pic on here soon.

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    Nice, what you just said sparks something that I've seen on T.V. the other day. I was watching when animals attack. And there was a guy who dresses up like Santa and he has real deer. Well long story short is that he had a favorite deer but it was mating session and he went near a female deer so the other deer got jealous and attacked the guy. after he was rescued the deer had a heart attack and they guy was all heart broken crying he eyes out then he ended up eating the deer for breakfast lunch and diner.

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    Our neighbor killed his first deer too. He was driving a 1974 Pinto going 35 mph......

    But seriously, my wife ran into a COW about 10 years ago!!!!!
    "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!?

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