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    Today, 06:11 AM
    (February 23rd, 2010)
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    I wanted to do something special & out of the ordinary for my 1000th post. I hopes this qualifies.

    Maybe some of you saw this a few years ago maybe some of you didn't.

    This is the story of one of the professor's @ my Alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University, (in Pittsburgh, PA) Randy Pausch.

    His home page is here:

    @ the lower left of the page is his story on ABC's 20/20 with Diane Sawyer. If you have 40 minutes to spare, it might change your viewpoint on a few things.

    A few years ago, Randy was diagnosed with one of the most deadliest forms of disease, pancreatic cancer. He fought it & did not win the physical battle but he won the battle of the spirit. He lived his life full of love & determination to his dying day. He changed a lot of peoples' lives.

    He made a video called the "Last Lecture" That can be seen here on CMU's channel:

    There's a few punchlines in it that I don't want to spoil so I will not tell you much about it other then it will not be what you expected. If it doesn't restore your faith in mankind, you should check your pulse!

    Besides the obvious benefit I feel it will be to anyone watching & absorbing the information in it, I have my own reasons for sharing it.

    I was 1st exposed to the internet back in the early 80s @ CMU when Painting majors were not supposed to be involved in "technology" but there I was @ the college with the oldest drama school in the nation that also had the #1 robotics institute & one of the top engineering & computer programs int he country. So I took to learn about software & wrote one of the first computer graphics packages in Pascal, @ the age of 20, much to the chagrin of my art professors.

    Btw, much of the hardware & software on the space shuttle came from CMU. So did a few of NASAs' astronauts.

    By 1986 I was shopping online on Compuserve. One of my best friends found her husband on it. This was before the "world wide web" & the gooey interface that has since made the internet so accessible. I even used my art degree to help a fledgling organic food manufacturer get an online presence on the web back in 1996 & helped them grow. In that time I was exposed to much about health & nutrition.

    In all that time I have been on countless chat rooms, message boards, social networking groups etc. This is the 1st time in 30 years I have ever gotten to having 1000 posts with any particular group. I want to thank Jensen for creating a needed board that not only covers one of my lost loves in wrestling but also allows for many other topics to thrive as well.

    Though I have not met any of you face to face, I have definitely had a few good conversations & arguments with some of the good members here. It is an oddball cyber-family to say the least.

    I feel it is my basic purpose in life to try & help others. This is why I have created this thread & post. To share Randy's message with those who are struggling & maybe those who are just starting their young life & need some practical advice as well as some inspiration as you see I am in a similar boat as Randy. I wanted to share this message as I don't think I could really expound upon it any better.

    In 1996 I discovered lumps in my lymph glands under my armpits. With the help of just nutrition & a good chiropractor, I made them go away. However in 2007 I discovered lumps in my lymph glands in my neck. We tried making them go away but they didn't want to respond to the original protocol. About a year later I discovered a larger lump & got more tests.

    The good news was that it was not lymphoma. The bad news was that it was a squamous carcinoma. That's right a skin cancer growing, spreading inside my neck. How the hell does THAT happen?

    I found that for all my good diet that I had been unwittingly exposed to several carcinogens that were hard at work. But the doctors were amazed that I was it very good shape if not alive. They said my immune system was very strong because of my diet.

    My retail business collapsed that year & the irony is that that turned out to be a good thing. I never carried health insurance. I had only been to a medical doctor 4xs in the past 30 years & that was mostly for stitches & broken bones. Now it seems that I qualify for all these government programs like disability & medicaid. I have discovered that there is a reason for everything.

    In the meantime I had a doctor in January tell me that unless I got some more aggressive treatment that I had maybe 6 months to a year to live. I have found a integrative program that has had a lot of success but they don't take insurance & it costs quite a bit of money. I have spent most of my feel time the past month raising the funds to do it all the while I have implemented everything I have learned about treating malignancies upon myself in an attempt to slow it down.

    So some of the discussions I have engaged in here on TWT, have come form my real life experiences & not just something I read out of a book.

    I have had a few down days but basically when I do, I remember TWO things:

    1) Randy's story
    2) I always imagine a problem bigger then my own. That makes me realize just how SMALL my problem really is & that I can always DO something about. It might sound funny, but believe me IT WORKS.

    So I share these videos & story in hopes that someone might take the inspiration it is supposed to give & utilize it to create a positive change in their lives & in the lives of others.

    Maybe you are an older guy, ex-athlete who body has fallen apart. There IS something you can do about it. Or perhaps you are a coach trying to find a way to motivate your kids. This is a good one.

    Maybe you are a young high school wrestler who wants to make varsity or has higher ambitions. Maybe you have a goal that seems hard or "impossible" to obtain. Stick to your dreams. You just don't know what life has in store for you if you give up on them. The so called failures often give you an opportunity to open doors that you might not have imagined.

    If you think of student/athletes like Anthony Robles, you realize that there are always many excuses around us begging for us to use them so we can justify giving up on ourselves. When you give up on that, that is when you really start to "grow old" if not die.

    My advice?

    Don't do it.

    Please utilize these stories & make a change in your own life & most importantly, upon the others around. You just never know what the result might turn out to be. The person you help and/or inspire may in turn help another 100 or 1000 or more. That means your actions ECHO across time, & that means what you do TODAY does matter. Just sometimes you can't see it, see where that action will end.

    Don't ever forget that...


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    Default Re: My 1000th Post

    Congrats on 1,000 KR!

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    Default Re: My 1000th Post

    Thanks Jake!

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    I thought I would share with some of you about the program I am doing. You can read about Dr. Carlos Garcia & The Utopia Clinic here:

    Utopia MediSpa and Wellness Institute

    This is MY outline of his basic program. There is also another nutritional regime that I am doing @ home which I will write about later.

    To start with Dr.Garcia has you do 3 blood tests:

    1) AMAS, <Anti-Malignant Anti bodies in the Serum>
    pretty self explanatory;

    2) CMP, <Complete Metabolic Panel>
    measuring Glucose
    Kidney function, (Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, CO2, Total Protein, Albumin)
    Liver function, (AklaLine Phosphatase/also bone function, {ALP}, ALanine aminoTransferase, {ALT}, ASpartate aminoTransferase, {AST});

    3) CBC, <Complete Blood Count>
    measuring White Blood Count, Red Blood Count, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, Mean Cell Volume, Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin, Red Cell Distribution Width.

    I have also done a CT & PET CT.

    The main thing he does is administer IVs that put nutrition directly into the bloodstream:

    0) Dimethylsufoxide (DMSO)
    Dimethyl sulfoxide
    a) increase cell membranes ability to absorb nutrients & drugs. Without effecting their integrity thus allowing for lower dosages to just as effective;
    b) readily crosses blood-brain barrier & allows for beneficial substances to cross it that might otherwise be unable to do so;

    1) High Dose Liquid Vitamin C
    Vitamin C
    a) correct any Vit C deficiency;
    b) enhance immune system
    c) support white blood cells
    d) Stimulation of collagen to wall off malignancies;
    e) inhibition of hyaluronidase, a substance which makes the cells spread;
    f) Accelerated post-traumatic healing;
    g) Promotion of erythropoietin which is a glycoprotein that is the main regulator in the production of red blood cells hence increases oxygen in the blood;
    i) anti-stree/anti-depressant;

    2) Cesium Chloride (CsCl)
    Table: ScienceDirect - Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, Volume 21, Supplement 1, Pages 1-135 (1984)

    a) ScienceDirect - Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior : The high pH therapy for cancer tests on mice and humans
    b) ScienceDirect - Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior : Nutrients and cancer: An introduction to cesium therapy
    c) ScienceDirect - Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior : Cesium therapy in cancer patients
    d) ScienceDirect - Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior : Effects of oral intake of cesium chloride: A single case report
    e) ScienceDirect - Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior : Pharmacological and toxicological investigations of Cesium
    f) ScienceDirect - Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior : The response of colon carcinoma in mice to cesium, zinc and vitamin A
    g) ScienceDirect - Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior : Biochemical aspects of cesium administration in tumor-bearing mice
    h) ScienceDirect - Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior : Effect of cesium and potassium salts on survival of rats bearing Novikoff hepatoma
    i) ScienceDirect - Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior : Effect of cesium and ethanol on tumor bearing rats
    j) ScienceDirect - Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior : Cesium: A bibliography update
    k) Cesium can penetrate malignant cell wall while other substances cannot;
    l) Cesium makes the malignant cells alkaline;
    m) limits the glucose intake of the malignant cell thus starving the cell which leads to it?s demise;
    n) neutralizes lactic acid which is causes the malignant cells to multiply uncontrollably;
    o) stops the fermemntation process which also limits the glucose intake of the malignant cells.

    3) Dichloroacetate (DCA)
    a)The Michelakis paper on Cancer and Dichloroacetic
    b) DCA increases oxygen absorption & disrupts intracellular anaerobic, (as opposed to aerobic) metabolism. While shown not as effective by itself on head & neck squamous carcinomas, combining it with DMSO increases it?s effectiveness along with blocking the cell?s fatty acid metabolism, (which they use to prolong their life).

    4) Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3)
    a) This already naturally occurs in the body as bicarbonate buffers ready to neutralize any unwanted acidic influences on the body as the blood pH must be maintained in a narrow range of 7.35 to 7.45. If a person is too acidic the body becomes sick as it struggles to maintain the blood?s pH. If the blood?s pH dips below that it can be very quickly fatal.

    5) Collodial Silver
    a) Silver ions in the treatment of local infections. [Met Based Drugs. 1999]
    b) Silver anode treatment of chronic osteomyelitis. [Clin Orthop Relat Res. 1981 Nov-Dec]
    c) Some malignancies have a secondary cause of bacterial and/or viral infection. With the rise of anti-biotic resistant pathogens anti-microbial colloidal silver has re-emerged as an effective anti-pathogen.
    d) A sterile solution of .0008 microns is used. This is large enough to effect the infected areas while small enough not to create the toxicity issues associated with taking silver internally.

    Yesterday I met Ed. He was an accounting professor @ South Florida Community College. In January 2009 he was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Then in March they found a brain tumor. In April another one. And while doing surgery to remove that one they found a 3rd.

    In the summer they found the cancer had spread again. The usual way of handling cancer was failing him. The prognosis was not good.

    In October he met with Dr. Garcia & started his program in November. Last week Ed had another PET CT done. The result after 14 weeks? 95% of the cancer was gone.

    I can't imagine going thru what Ed went thru. I think some people might have given up. I told Ed that he was my new hero. Dr. Garcia is giving people a lot of hope. His clinic is filled with people just like Ed.

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    Default Re: My 1000th Post

    I've seen that video before, and it never really get's old.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flop The Nuts View Post
    [D]on't let lack of knowledge impact your ability to post as if you are knowledgeable.

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    Default Re: My 1000th Post

    Great video and great book. Stay positive KR.

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    Default Re: My 1000th Post


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    Default Re: My 1000th Post

    Thread hijack: Snackem - your avitar perfectly captures my day today. Thanks for the laugh.

    R.I.P. Cyrano and Roxanne.

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    Life's not the breaths you take, the breathing in and out that gets you through the day ain't what it's all about. It's the moments that take your breath away.

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