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Discuss 2009 NCAA Football Pool Regular Season Champion at the Non Wrestling Talk within the Wrestling Talk Forums; We have a tie for the first time in five years. Gage and SGallan tied ...
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    Default 2009 NCAA Football Pool Regular Season Champion

    We have a tie for the first time in five years. Gage and SGallan tied for the regular title " Jimmy the Greek Champ". It came down to the closing seconds of the App State v Montana semi final. Montana took the football down field for the TD and a 7 point lead leaving App State about a minute to tie it up. They drove the ball to Montana 4 with 10 ticks left. 3 Tries but the couldn't get it across the goal line. With the Montana win Gage picked up a point on SGallan to tie for the title. Congrats to Gage and SGallan. Ms. Stardust finished a close 3rd.

    Jimmy the Greek Regular Championship
    Gage 154 Champ
    SGallan 154 Champ
    Stardust 146
    RYou 140
    Zapp Brannigan 134
    CB 131
    Drooke 129
    Big Stiffy 127
    tpay 125
    mhs189 124
    Champ Kind 121
    ViceGrip 117
    Akin 116
    Jake T 113
    Trusty 112
    nywrestler4life 111
    therick 108
    UGLY 108
    Viratas 107
    HuskerDu 103
    Dum Dum 102
    Horatio 59
    cap'n combover 39

    On to the Bowl Game and Overall championship where things can get a bit hairy with 5 points on the bowls and 10 on the BCS games. Add in bonus points for the Butkus, Heisman and National Championship (these points do not count toward the regular season and bowl titles) it easy for someone in the middle of the pack to rise to the title.

    Gage and therick each picked up 10 points picking Rolando McClain to win the Butkus. No one picked Mark Ingram to win the Heisman, but he did. Off the bonus points Gage takes a 10 point lead on the pack into the Bowl portion of the overall title.

    5 tied for the Jimmy the Greek of Week Title, Gage picks up his 5th win on the year, RYou picks up his 3rd, tpay picks up his 2nd, Viratas picks up 2nd title in a row and HuslerDu picks up his first title.

    Gage 10
    RYou 10
    tpay 10
    Viratas 10
    HuskerDu 10
    Jimmy the Greek for Week 15
    Gage 10
    RYou 10
    tpay 10
    Viratas 10
    HuskerDu 10
    SGallan 9
    Stardust 9
    ViceGrip 5
    nywrestler4life 5
    Dum Dum 5
    mhs189 5
    Zapp Brannigan 4
    Drooke 4
    Champ Kind 4
    Akin 4
    Jake T 4
    Trusty 4
    Horatio 4
    CB 3
    Big Stiffy 2

    Jimmy the Greek for Week Champs
    Week 1
    Big Stiffy (1)

    Week 2
    Gage (1)
    Stephen VonVesthell
    Zapp Brannigan (1)

    Week 3
    Champ Kind

    Week 4
    Gage (2)

    Week 5
    Zapp Brannigan (2)

    Week 6

    Week 7
    Jake T (1)
    JensenS (2)
    SGallan (2)

    Week 8
    Gage (3)
    Drooke (2)

    Week 9
    Jake T (2)
    Big Stiffy (2)

    Week 10
    SGallan (3)

    Week 11
    Gage (4)
    RYou (2)
    Stardust (2)

    Week 12
    Big Stiffy (3)
    Stardust (3)

    Week 13
    Stardust (4)

    Week 14

    Week 15
    Gage (5)
    RYou (3)
    tpay (2)
    Viratas (2)
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